Traveling While Studying Abroad in Europe

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Studying in Europe – beyond the classroom

Ever imagined what it would be like to have dozens of different countries with their own unique languages and cultures within just a couple of hours’ reach? This is the reality when you’re studying abroad in Europe: suddenly your classroom is bigger than you ever thought possible! 

Academic travel at Franklin University Switzerland – endless possibilities

Politics in Ireland? Marketing in Italy? History in Poland? Photography in Germany? International Relations in Austria? At FUS, academic travel is a vital part of the curriculum for all students at all levels. While studying abroad in Switzerland, not only will you have endless options when it comes to making your own travel plans, FUS students also take extended on-site academic visits with faculty members in every semester as an integral part of their curriculum. These faculty members are experts in their fields and as such introduce students to locations around Europe with which they have a particular academic connection, allowing them to enhance their teaching in a way that would never be possible inside the classroom. These travel programs are included in your tuition, carry either three credits or one credit, and are available in a range of different subject areas to suit all majors.

Traveling while studying abroad in Europe

The way it broadens your cultural horizons is one of, if not the main reason for studying abroad in Europe. Suddenly, you have the chance to see and experience all those things you’ve been learning about in person! Not only will this help you get the most out of your education, but it will also make you grow as a person and ultimately could help you mark yourself out from other candidates in the labor market when it comes to taking the first steps on the professional ladder after graduation.

Europe on your doorstep

It may not be quick or cheap to get to Europe from the US, but once you’re here, you’ll realise just how easy it is to experience uniquely different cultures and sights. With a huge range of transport options on offer, everyone can travel while studying abroad in Europe in a way that suits their budget. Plane, bus, train, car, or even bike – you can get from A to B to C in your own way, stopping to see the things that interest you most en route. Make the most of your mandatory academic travel component to get ideas and discuss other relevant options with your faculty members, whatever your academic interests.

Not sure where to start? Find out more about academic travel at Franklin University Switzerland and how to make traveling a key component of your study abroad experience in Europe on the FUS website.


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