Whale Watching with Kids – The Essential Guide

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If you are planning on visiting Sydney, a whale watching trip with the kids is a must do activity. It isn’t every day you get to see some of the biggest creatures on the planet in their natural habitat. Kids love to see big things, from trucks to trees and animals, and nothing comes bigger than a majestic whale. If you are looking to book a tour that your kids will never forget, whale watching is the answer. 

Plan in Advance: You don’t want to run into any issues on the day of the trip, so plan well in advance. Check whether you’d be better off getting public transport or driving your own vehicle, make sure you pack all the essentials and look at the weather forecast for the day you’re going. You can never be overprepared with kids and you should always have a contingency plan. When planning to go whale watching in Sydney with kids, create a to-do list a week before your departure day. Once you’ve made a list of all the things you need, tick each one off as you go along. 

Check the Season: The best way to give yourself and your kids a chance to see a whale is to check the season. There are certain times of the year when whales migrate, so it is best to book a trip during these times. The most convenient way to check this information is online, if you’ve booked with a company, they should have it on their website. Your kids will be disappointed if you go on a whale watching tour when you’ve little chance of seeing one. 

Choose Your Location: You can go on a whale watching trip without setting foot on a boat. You’ll find various whale watching locations dotted along the coast, most of which are great for spotting whales. If you want a more magical experience, it is better to book a trip on the ocean with one of the many whale watching companies in Sydney.  

Get Them Excited: A great way to build them up for the trip is to get them excited about whales. Go online and find some useful resources that help kids learn more about whales and other marine animals. Most kids are more tech savvy than you and me, so make use of apps and YouTube videos to build their enthusiasm. 

Make it Fun & Interesting: You’ll be out on the ocean for quite a while, so think of things to make their trip more exciting. You could quote interesting facts or play games with them while you wait. You could print out pictures of whales for them to colour while they are waiting for a sighting. 

At the end of the day you want to make the trip as exciting and as memorable as you can for the kids. You should prepare everything well in advance to ensure you have a great day. Get the kids interested in whales, choose the best location and select a responsible whale watching company to take you and the family on a trip.

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