What Every Active Woman Actually Wants as a Holiday Gift

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Shopping for the active woman in your life can be tricky. You want to support her active lifestyle and gift her the things she needs to boost her game to the next level, but it’s hard knowing what brands and what gear she needs to really excel. Don’t worry. We’ve put together a trusty list of holiday must-haves for fashionably fitness forward female friends who you want to hype up this Christmas. Check out these top-tier picks and show the powerful women in your life that you support their active lifestyle and fitness goals.

For the runners

The ladies in your life who love to hit the roads and run from sunup to sundown are always on the lookout for the best gear to boost their game. Runners are passionate about beating their old PRs – personal records – and sometimes killer gear can be the key to hitting that next level. Here are our top picks for runners’ gifts: 

  • Shoes are a great pick if you both know what shoes they want and have the budget for them – just watch out, because quality running shoes can easily cost over $100!
  • Women’s moisture wicking shorts are ideal for those who could use a little help keeping dry on those longer, hotter runs.
  • Running tanks and Ts are always a great pick, and you can feel free to branch out with interesting colors and styles!

For the cross-trainers

Cross-training is all the rage these days. The mix of lifting, high intensity reps, and productive cardio really get some ladies pumped. Women who are avid cross trainers know how important their gear is to having a safe and solid workout. If you’re trying to impress the cross-training queen in your life, try these options:

  • Cross-training Ts with catchy slogans informing the world of their fitness routine are always a fun and funny option.
  • Gift baskets with workout must-haves like sports gum, active socks, and women’s workout hand care products. 
  • Cross training shoes that offer ample grip on the gym floor to help them boost past their old lifting record.

For the swimmers

Swimming does wonders for your health and happiness, so why not cheer the swimming lady in your life on with some gear that helps her do better in the pool. Swimming gear can be a tough pick because, especially for swimsuits, the sizing has to be just right. However, if you know your lady’s size and style, there’s no reason you can’t spring for one of these awesome options:

  • Find a competition-ready swimsuit that helps her glide past her rivals faster than a dolphin.
  • Craft a gift basket with fun swim accessories like goggles, a swim cap, after-swim slides, and a towel.
  • Gift cards to her favorite restaurants – there’s nothing better than wolfing down your favorite meal after hours in the pool!

For the cyclists

The best biking babes in your life need some appreciation this holiday season. Cycling is a fun sport with plenty of gear that you can gift to help the phenomenal females you love reach their potential. The key is to get them things they might not immediately think to get themselves. As you put together your holiday shopping list, be sure to add these items:

  • Opt for a comfy new bike seat for max comfort on the roads.
  • Get you lady a gift basket with much-needed items like new inner tubes, bike lights, Allen wrenches, and a portable bike pump.
  • Purchase cycling shoes that clip into bike pedals for maxed-out control and performance. 

For the outdoorswomen

Ah, the great outdoors. Ladies who love trekking into the backcountry to marvel at the beautiful sights that nature has to offer are a fun group to shop for. Outdoorswomen always are in need of cool, fun new gear, so feel free to go wild when you shop for these rugged ladies. Some of our favorite things to gift the outdoorswomen in our lives include:

  • Find the perfect outdoor hat that’s lightweight, breathable, and offers protection from the sun.
  • Get her camping supplies, like a fire-starting kit, bug spray, water bottles, a poncho, and s’mores ingredients!
  • Find out what new sleeping bag she’s been hunting for a deal on and surprise her with it!

Finding the right gear to impress the active women in your life may seem challenging, but with a little ingenuity in can be done! Get them something they actually want this holiday season and show how much you truly care. 

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