Why You Should Use Daisy Menstrual Cup?

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Nowadays, there are a lot of different brands of menstrual cups all over the market. The vibrant colors of its packaging, beautiful reviews online and other advertisements about the products can be so deceiving. This confuses many women as to what is the right brand to use. 

Each one of us has different menstrual needs so any product that might work for you might not work to others. To make sure that you will choose the right period cup for you, read  every piece of information about the product and its manufacturer. As you continue to read this article, you will know why Daisy Menstrual Cup works best during your menstruation. 

What Your Menstrual Cup Should Do?

A menstrual cup is made from silicone that looks like a bell. Other manufacturers are also using rubber to produce menstrual cups. It works by collecting the menstrual blood instead of absorbing it with the use of cotton-like what the tampons and sanitary pads are doing. 

Menstruating women wear it by inserting the cup inside the vagina. According to the WebMD website, it is safer to use than pads and tampons because of its materials used. It can also lower the risk of having a vaginal yeast infections and other vaginal problems that you might get from using your regular menstrual products. 

Also, it is not only safe for you, but is good for our ecosystem too. Since it is reusable, it can help with waste reduction. Other benefits of using a menstrual is cutting off your trip to comfort room since it can hold the blood up to 12 hours, no need to change from time to time. 

You can save money from buying pads and tampons every month since it can be used up to two years or more depending on its condition and how you take care of it. 

Know More About Daisy Menstrual Cup

Just like any menstrual cups, it works by catching and collecting menstrual blood instead of absorbing it. It looks the same, and it has the same parts and functionalities. However, what makes it different from other menstrual cups is the materials used and how the parts of it improved to be more efficient during your menstruation.

Daisy Cup has various components such as stem, shape and material, grip rings, and a smooth rim. The stem was designed to have a super soft texture for an easy grip and easy removal once you will empty your cup. It is beneficial for on the go women and when you are changing your cup in the public bathroom. The grip rings allow you to trim the stem of your menstrual cup. 

Other women do not like long stems because it gives them an awkward feeling, so once you cut it, the grip rings will make your life easier in removing the cup. Its shape and material are made from 100% medical grade silicone for a comfortable feeling of wearing it. Also, it has a smooth rim design, which helps you insert your cup smoothly. Especially when it is your first time using a menstrual cup, you might feel discomfort. 

You read it right. Every part of it is designed to make your period experience to be better. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Daisy Cup

The following are the most common questions asked by many women who are not familiar with menstrual cups.

Are Menstrual Cups Messy to Use? 

It must not be messy. Hence, make sure to properly insert your menstrual cup into your vagina. Once you insert the cup, it will create a seal and will fit under your cervix and immediately catches the blood. 

When Removing it, you have to pull down the grim a little then hold the body of the cup so it will not burst all over the floor. It’s a matter of practice, and you will make it right!  

Can You Have Sex While Wearing a Menstrual Cup? 

Yes, you can! However, you have to remember that menstrual cups are not used as a contraceptive, so you better use the real one. It is also important that you check the manufacturer’s guideline because not all cups are safe to use during sexual intercourse.

Will I Lose My Virginity When Using a Menstrual Cup? 

Of course not! It will not go far to your hymen. Once you insert the menstrual cup, it will stay under your cervix only, and that means it does not hurt any parts of your vagina, especially the hymen. 


There are a lot of good reasons why you should use the Daisy Menstrual Cup. However, it is you will decide if it will work efficiently according to your menstrual needs or not. You can always do a trial and error, but all of these period cups in a test, then you decide which works best for you. Go ahead and explore the world of menstrual cups.


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