4 Best Hairstyle Trends of 2020

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We are already into 2020, and most of us might have made new resolutions or intentions going into the New Year. The start of a year gives us an opportunity to bring about some certain changes in our lives. Some decide to make critical changes in their lifestyle, and some try to adopt a new fashion trend so that they can start the New Year with a new look. One of the best ways to change your outward appearance is by trying on a new hairstyle. Interestingly, there are a lot of latest hair trends such as short, high impact, or bangs that would be perfect for making a fresh start. Whether you want to try something unique, or you want to achieve a minimalistic change to your current hairstyle, here are 4 fashion trends you need to know about. 


The Jawline Bob

If you are someone who wants to highlight their jawline and neck, this hairstyle is perfect for you. It wil give you a very clean look, which helps you achieve a very symmetrical and strong look for your face. However, you might have to make some sacrifice in hair length as a jawline bob only works well with short hair. 

Modern Shag

The most famous hairstyle amongst celebrities is bringing the 70’s back. In 2020, we are going to see a more modern version of the hairstyle as it looks sexy, strong, and flattering at the same time. The best thing about the shag is that it works with any kind of hair, whether they are straight, curly, short, long, or mid-length. If you want a perfect look, you can even go for natural hair closures as they look all natural, and you can experiment with them easily. A lot of celebrities like Kesha, Taylor Swift, and Selena are rocking this hairstyle, and it is going to stay in fashion for the most part of 2020.


Rounded ‘Fro

For everyone who has curly hair, this hairstyle is a must try. Natural curls and coils are the new IT in the fashion industry these days, and trying the rounded ‘fro will bring a very unique look in your appearance. The look is achieved by cutting your hair in a rounded shape, or a ‘lion cut’. It looks best if you have naturally curly hair. However, you can also form your hair in this style with the help of a good stylist. 


Short Bangs

When it comes to hairstyles, bangs always seem to take a spot. However, 2020 is mostly about going short, which gives you a good opportunity to rock the short bangs. They are different from normal bangs as they sit right about the eyebrows, and the side hair is aligned with your jawline. It gives a very clean look to your face as a lot of celebrities are trying on this look. If you don’t want to make that much of a commitment, you can follow the path of Kendal Jenner by having the front bangs with a ponytail to accentuate your looks.


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