5 Of The Best Apps For Your Car

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Most of us couldn’t live without our cars, whether it’s the daily commute or regular road trips to explore the great outdoors. No matter which type of car you have, these five apps can well come in handy on your driving adventures.

1 . Waze 

Waze is essentially an app and an online community to help its members to exchange info about any road jams or incidents. The basic purpose of the Waze app is to help you to arrive quickly at your destination. When using Waze, you’ll receive voice prompts and alerts to help you on your way as well as notifications about everything from speed cameras to traffic jams. Waze also offers info on mobile speed checks and the whereabouts of local police. When you use Waze, you’ll also get the opportunity to report traffic info directly to the app. Waze works via using your phone’s data, yet you can also store your previously planned routes offline. Waze is a useful app to help you avoid road traffic accidents by quickly changing your route.

  1. Fuelly App

Fuelly is an app that helps you to calculate the fuel usage of your vehicle. Over time you can monitor your fuel economy and gain data about the health of your car and your driving habits too. You can use the fuelly app to inform your driving or learn your average gas mileage. It’s helpful to have such information to use in your budget. The idea is that if you can understand your fuel consumption ongoing, then you are more likely to be able to save money. The app is free, so what are you waiting for!

  1. Parkopedia 

When it comes to trying to find a parking space, things can often get stressful pretty fast! If you live in a big city, you’ll probably know this problem very well! Thankfully, apps like Parkopedia provide an easy way to search nearby parking options from larger structures to metres on the street. You can check the closest parking, including the price options, and if spaces are still available. Again, Parkopedia is available to download for free. You can access it via iTunes. 

  1. Smart Dash Cam App 

A dashcam is a super handy device to keep you safe while driving; however, these can be pretty expensive. With the Smart Dash Cam App, you can turn your phone into a dashcam- for free! The app simply uses the camera of your phone to capture footage as you drive. You have the option to record with audio or without, and you can also store your recorded videos in the cloud. If you still want your phone to play music while it’s playing at being a dashcam- then no problem! 

  1. Car Minder 

Some of us find it difficult to keep track of our car servicing routine. Those of you who can relate should take a look at Car Minder. The app tells you when it’s time to book in your next maintenance check using info that you put in from your car owner’s manual. With Car Minder, you can also log in your service history so that you have data of your previous expenses too. When it comes to car maintenance, it’s important to keep on top of issues as much as possible. Whether it’s a pro-ceramic coating service to protect your paint work or a tire pressure, ensure that the health of your vehicle is a priority. (Speaking of tire car pressure, one more nifty app to check out is the SensAiry app, which allows you to keep track from your phone)!



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