5 Of The Most Popular Things To Do In Dubai For Couples

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As the bustling heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is known for being a major business hub. Less commonly known, however, is that the city is a great destination for couples. Beyond the skyscrapers and mercantile opportunities, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities for romance and relaxation.

Before you arrive, it is worthwhile to highlight some of the city’s attractions that are suited for couples so that you have a clear itinerary and do not waste any time. Taking some advice and getting some guidance on the best places to see will help you narrow down the options and have a great time.

After discussing a few general travel tips for Dubai, let’s look at five of the most popular things to do while you are on holiday with your partner.

Dubai Travel Tips

Before diving into the dynamic attractions that Dubai has to offer, it is good to be prepared for travel to the city. First, make sure that you are properly protected with a comprehensive travel insurance policy from a reputable provider, such as Tick Insurance, for example. This will allow you to keep from worrying about delayed or missing baggage or unforeseen expenses and truly enjoy the time you spend with your partner. Beyond that, make sure to have all of your travel documents and appropriate visas to ensure you can enter the UAE and other countries you plan to visit.

Shop The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is like no other place in the world. With ample opportunities to find virtually any kind of goods that you might be looking for, you and your partner can spend hours strolling through shops. However, the mall also hosts an ice rink, excellent restaurants and romantic cafes. The ambience is one-of-a-kind.

Burj Khalifa

Taking a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa is sure to make for an unforgettable romantic experience. Even if you are afraid of heights, it is worthwhile to get to the top and see the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. If you absolutely cannot bring yourself to ascend the tower, you can also enjoy the view of the building illuminated at night.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Everything in Dubai is built to impress and the Miracle Garden is no exception. Take some time to explore the flowers and displays that are scattered throughout the grounds of this installation for a relaxing and romantic afternoon. The place is so big, however, that you may not be able to see it all.

The Dubai Fountains

For a simple attraction that is sure to please, check out the Dubai Fountains. You and your partner are sure to be amazed at the world’s largest choreographed fountain system located just at the base of the Burj Khalifa

Take An Excursion

There are many opportunities for excursions in Dubai that range from the exciting to the romantic. For starters, you might consider a desert dunes safari for an exciting race through the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, you can take the trip on horseback to get outside of your comfort zone. For something truly unforgettable, take a hot air balloon adventure to spend some time with your partner in style.

More To Explore

Beyond the above, the options for an unforgettable trip to Dubai are truly limitless. The city has invested a great deal in making the place a major tourist draw, so be sure to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. Pack your bags, book your tickets, secure your travel insurance and take off for the adventure of a lifetime.


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