5 Things to Avoid When Buying Makeup

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Whether shopping at the local drugstore or at a higher-end beauty store, makeup products are full of substances that should be unwelcome in cosmetics. If you care about what you are putting on your face, then you should be considering what chemicals makeup brands are mixing into their items.

Some products in makeup can be potentially unsafe, so it is important to minimize the risk. There are several ingredients and practices to avoid when shopping for your next foundation, mascara, or lipstick. Here’s 5:

1) Parabens

Parabens are special chemicals to preserve products like makeup. Aside from makeup, parabens are also used in foods and pharmaceutical items. However, there are some serious concerns regarding the use of parabens in many products. These substances could potentially disrupt hormone function and cause an increased risk for diseases like breast cancer.

So the next time that you are shopping for beauty products, always look for paraben free makeup. These products bring beautiful results without any preservatives and increased risks.

2) Animal Cruelty

If you care about the environment, nature, and the way people treat animals, then always try to buy makeup that is cruelty-free. Also, in general, cruelty-free products are healthier. Once you ditch this makeup, you will be leaving behind all of the other sulfates, synthetic dyes, and parabens. This means cruelty-free cosmetics will be much cleaner, leaving you with a healthier face.

3) Talc

Talc is a very popular ingredient added in many makeup products to create a silkier and smoother texture. However, when talc is formed, so is asbestos, a harmful mineral known to cause lung cancer and mesothelioma. When makeup is formulated without talc, you do not have the risk of running into asbestos-infected makeup. There have been recalls involving makeup and asbestos, so it is probably best to avoid talc from now on.

4) Artificial Fragrances

Artificial fragrances are found in many makeup products but are known to worsen allergies and cause skin irritation. For people that suffer from eczema, multiple allergies, or sensitive skin, these manmade scents can cause serious side effects.

If you want to minimize the amount of ingredients in your makeup, then it is best to always buy fragrance-free. Adding fragrances is not a necessity when it comes to formulating makeup. The fragrance-free makeup may not smell as strong, but it is much better for your skin.

5) Carbon Black

Carbon black has a dark black color and is often used as a pigment in cosmetics. This powder is linked to an increased risk of cancer and has the potential to bring negative effects to various organs. The use of carbon black is restricted in the United States. Industrial workers and women are especially vulnerable to this ingredient. So if you see carbon black, acetylene black, or other similar terms on an ingredients list, definitely avoid that product.

Become a Smart Shopper

When it comes to cosmetics, you should always be looking out for potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, or other preservatives.

Always try to buy from cruelty-free makeup brands to ensure your products are coming from a safe place with the least amount of byproducts. Talc forms alongside asbestos, making it a risky mineral to use in cosmetics. Likewise, carbon black has the potential of causing cancer and negatively affecting organs. If you have sensitive skin, then it is recommended for you to buy fragrance-free products. Artificial fragrances are known to cause skin inflammation, so it is best to avoid these ingredients altogether.

When you avoid harmful products and fillers in makeup like talc and fragrances, then you are one step closer to a healthier lifestyle.


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