7 Top Ways to Choose What Shoes to Wear With a Dress

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Do you have a big event and you’re stressing over what shoes to wear? Read this article to learn what shoes to wear with a dress.

The average woman spends nearly a year of her life (287 days to be exact) deciding what to wear.

That evens out to about 15 minutes a day, and that’s just a regular, boring old day.

What about planning an outfit for a big event? I know I’ve spent way too much time choosing shoes to wear with my dress for big occasions.

No more! Now I’ve got this foolproof list of the seven top ways to choose what shoes to wear with a dress.

Consider the Color

We’ve all been there. You’ve finally got the dress, and now you’re faced with the daunting question: “What shoes should I choose?”

One of the first places you should look when deciding which shoes are the best shoes to wear is the color.

It used to be fashionable to match from head to toe, the style rules are not nearly as strict.

If your dress is teal blue, don’t feel the need to have your jewelry, accessories, and shoes be teal blue as well. That being said, it can be cute to match your shoes to a smaller element of your outfit, such as your belt.

Rather than matching your dress directly, you can create a more interesting ensemble by choosing shoes that complement or contrast the dress.

Consider the Pattern (Or Lack Thereof)

Taking the pattern of your dress into consideration is an important part of choosing shoes to wear with your dress.

If your dress has an awesome, bold pattern that makes a statement, you’ll want to keep your shoes on the quieter side. Go with simple heels, flats, or sandals that complement your dress and don’t compete.

If you’ve got a sequined dress or heavily embellished dress, this is a good time for nude heels or flats. Let your dress speak for itself!

When you’re wearing a cute, simple dress, feel free to wear shoes with embellishment or patterns of their own so long as they complement the color and style of the dress.

Consider the Color Tone

While it’s good to create contrast, there are some extreme color contrasts it’s best to avoid.

Mixing dark shoes with light-colored dresses is considered a no-no. Similarly, if your dress is dark you’re probably best off sticking with dark-colored shoes.

Remember, though, that the rules were meant to be broken. In an ideal circumstance, your outfit is more than the sum of all its parts. If pairing light-colored accessories and shoes feel right with your dark-colored dress, go with my blessing!

Consider the Season

I know, I know. I’m not telling you to wear shearling-lined snow boots to your big event.

I’m just saying that if you’re attending a winter party in northern Alberta you might choose a different dress and shoe combo than if you’re going to a party in the Bahamas.

If your event is more of a summery, casual affair, wearing a pair of beachy sandals can be a comfortable and stylish look. If you’re looking for more information on making the right thong sandal selection, read more here.

Consider the Style

Is your dress lacey, light, and feminine?

Try feminine heels, strappy high-heeled sandals or simple flats to complement your delicately beautiful dress.

Is it classic and elegant?

Pairing classic and elegant shoes with a classic and elegant dress is a sure-fire recipe for success. High heels or kitten heels are a classic choice, but the right pair of elegant flats could work just fine as well.

Is it flowy and bohemian-styled?

This might be a great time for an earthy pair of sandals or even some ankle boots.

Is it a showstopping sequin number? A leopard-print masterpiece?

This is a great time to let your dress speak for itself. Keep your shoes out of the way with nude heels or flats.

The style of your dress should factor into your shoe choice.

There’s always wiggle room to play around with style combinations, but you can’t go wrong by matching the style of your shoes to that of your dress.

Take Cues From Your Favorite Stars

When all else fails, start flipping through magazines and searching online for photos of stylish stars you admire.

Find smaller Instagram celebrities who focus on fashion and skim through their photos. Looking at street style sections of online magazines can also be an awesome spot to gather inspiration.

If you’re feeling stuck on the “Which shoes should I buy/what shoes should I wear” questions, taking cues from other fashionistas can be inspiring and refreshing.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the $2,000 shoes some celebrity is wearing. It’s better to take note of how they combine colors, tones, and styles to create a seamless and seemingly effortless look.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort, It’s Not Worth It

No matter how adorable those stilettos are, if you can’t walk in them without excruciating pain, you shouldn’t wear them.

Remember that you’ll look your best when you’re feeling your best. No one wants to see you hobbling around like an injured deer. Not only can uncomfortable shoes be an unflattering fashion choice, but also they can be downright bad for your health.

Shoes that you can walk confidently in will give you an air of confidence.

What Shoes to Wear With a Dress: The Choice is Yours!

Remember there are no hard and fast rules in fashion. Fashion is the way you express yourself and your personality to the world. If you feel the drive to make a bold and unusual fashion statement, do what feels right!

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