Arabian Nights: Why Explore The Arabic Cities Of The World

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Spread right across the Middle East and North Africa is a culture rich in tradition. The Arabic culture has an intricate heritage and in every city, you can experience fine cuisine, delicate arts and music and entertainment scene that is rivaled everywhere else. Foreign travelers to Arabian lands will be awestruck by the hospitality shown to them, with the beauty of these places guaranteed to take your breath away. 

Stretching well over 20 countries, the Arabic world has over 200 million inhabitants, from Egypt and Qatar to Lebanon. Whether you are traveling for business or for a relaxing holiday, there is a lot to learn about this part of the world. So, before we go into some of the cities that will give you the break of a lifetime, let’s look at some exciting facts about this lesser known part of the world.

Don’t Use The Term “Arab” For All. It’s not a nice term to use if you are describing the race of those who are from this mysterious part of the world. It’s an ignorant word to use, and if you want to spend time here, you should know that you could truly end up offending people! The word is a term for those who speak Arabic, not those who are from the area.

Family Values Are Important. For Arabic people, family and their elders are held in high regard. You should never – ever – mock or shout at the elders. Honor and respect are a big deal, and being insulted is never okay!

Arab Doesn’t Equal Muslim. Not every Muslim is an Arab, and not every Arab is Muslim. In the West, it’s an easy association to make, but these terms are not interchangeable and while the majority of Arabs are Muslim, there are Christian and Jewish Arabs, too. It’s a culture of differences and these must be respected.

Delay Business On Arrival. In Arabic countries, it is far more important to focus on relationships than it is to focus on business. It’s a delicate balance, to take time to get to know new people before business is discussed. If you are flying to Qatar or Egypt on business, you want to remember this as if you try to get straight down to business, you will find yourself made to wait for personal relationships to be established first.

These courtesies are simple things to remember when you are exploring the Arabic cities around the world. When you go to travel to places like Egypt, you need to remember that you need a visa and the best place to get this from with ease is Your documentation being incorrect could mean that you are turned away from a beautiful country you are itching to explore. So, let’s take a look at some of the places you could be exploring in that part of the world and why you should go!


The buzzing capital of Lebanon has some of the most amazing coastlines you will see anywhere in the world. There are mountains that stretch high, covered in the most colorful flowers and greenery you’ll ever see, and this remains all year around. It’s this that makes Beirut one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You’ll encounter some of the best Tabbouleh and Fatuous around, and the modern lifestyles intertwined with ancient Arabic culture makes Beirut one of the most attractive places to be. Lebanon has so much to offer as a country, but it’s Beirut that is the shining star! 


You want opulence, luxury and stunning shopping facilities and you can get this all in Dubai. Add in the powder-fine beaches and you can enjoy a break in a destination like no other. The diverse cultures here make it one of the most traditional places to visit. You will find stunning modern architecture and amazing food mixed with ancient traditions and a high-class lifestyle. Dubai is also home to the world’s tallest building, and it’s the perfect example of the East meeting the West! There are activities for all throughout the year, just make sure that you are adhering to the rules of etiquette in Dubai.


Ah, Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Not only will you find the oldest city in the Arabic world, you’ll find a long and famous history. Ancient Arabic culture blends with Egyptian lifestyle, rich in art and history with glimpses into the world of the Pharaohs that has long since gone. You’ll find inspiration in the Saladin Citadel of Cairo and the Giza Pyramids, and you’ll find yourself looking back in time when you see the Sphinx.  If you’re looking to plan a luxury trip to Egypt, you can do so through to get the most out of your vacation with unique, luxury, cultural, and archaeological tours throughout the country.


Heading over to Morocco, you’ll find a stunning city perched in the Rif Mountains. It’s known as the Blue City because of the hue of the blue washed buildings. With its 15th Century Kasbah, the Ethnographic Museum and the Great Mosque, you’ll be embracing history in all its glory when you head here. This is a destination that screams out for more and you will find that you want to get lost in the tranquility of the cool hills and stunning stretches of beach. You can find many tours here, and you need to book a ticket here if you want to find a new type of serenity.


The largest city of the Omani province of Dhofar, Salalah is known for its beaches, ocean lines and marine life. It’s got the banana plantations to explore and the museums that give you a lesson in maritime history. The spice trade is a long standing one, and the desert terrain is one that transforms into the lushest green landscape. You have to book to come here at least once, and you should consider that the Omani people are a warm, hospitable group of individuals who are eager to please and make the area more attractive. 

When you book your break to the Arabic cities of the world you need to include all of these.

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