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Career Choices That Women Excel At

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Whether or not you believe in a gender pay gap, there are undoubtedly some career choices that favor men or women. For instance, construction-related jobs are typically seen as a male-dominated area due to the average physical strength of a male. However, there are also career paths that are dominated by females, and in many cases, they actually excel by being more successful and higher-paid than their male counterparts.

Freelance Writing is a flexible career choice that sees a lot of female representation. Whether it’s as a fiction writer, blogger or even copywriting, it’s a fantastic choice for women that want to work from home.
Personal Training can be a lucrative career choice for women that make it a point to stay fit. If you’re looking to help others stay fit and get active, this can be a great career option to pick.
Finance is another field where women excel at. They see a lot of success in advisory roles but are also commonly represented in roles such as accounting and bookkeeping.
Nursing is a professional that sees a lot of female representation. Thanks to the ease of studying to become a nurse due to online education, it’s become a valid choice for women all over the world to become a nurse and pivot their career choices.

We’ve included a fantastic infographic that explains why women are needed in the healthcare industry thanks to their natural leadership skills and the general success of women in the field. It’s one of the most fulfilling career paths available and is one that women in particular seem to excel at.

Infographic: Bradley University


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