Could You Live In Another Country?

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People move abroad for all kinds of reasons. Some people do it to further their career or get an education. Others move to be with family or partners. For others, moving abroad is simply an opportunity to experience something new and enrich one’s life.

While there can be many benefits to moving abroad, becoming an expat can also come with challenges. Only by overcoming these challenges will you be able to turn your dreams of living abroad into a reality. Here are just some of the biggest challenges to consider and how you can overcome them.

The legal requirements

Before you can move to another country, you need to be certain that you will be legally allowed entry. A working visa is likely to be required if you travel anywhere with the intention to work. If you plan to seek permanent residence, you’ll need to apply for citizenship. There are legal advisors that can help you with visa applications from H1B to green card. By seeking professional help, you can be sure that you have all the documentation that you need.

A change of culture

Living in a new country will require you to adjust to a new culture. It’s worth doing your research beforehand so that it’s not so much of a ‘culture shock’. Understanding the laws and customs of your chosen country could also be essential for keeping you out of trouble. You can research into this online by reading guides written by other expats.

The language barrier

Learning a new language could be necessary when taking the decision to live in certain countries. English may be spoken universally, but many people are unlikely to be fluent. Learning a new language isn’t easy – only by living in a country that speaks it will you become a master of it. That said, it’s worth taking a few lessons beforehand so that you know the basics.  

The financial costs and gains

The cost of living is likely to be different in another country. First, you should consider how much you’re likely to earn and how much you will be taxed. Some countries have high wages combined with low taxes, which can allow you to take home a lot of money each month. On top of this, you need to work out the average cost of monthly expenses such accommodation, energy, food and transport. You don’t want to be earning more, but also spending a lot more. Do your research so that you can budget ahead

The distance from family and friends

One of the hardest things to overcome can be distance away from family and friends. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to stay in touch with loved ones while living abroad thanks to social media and video-messaging. However, you may still miss physically being together and may want to factor in the cost of flights so that you can still visit regularly. Making new friends will be essential and you may want to find a few friends beforehand online. There are also sites where you can meet fellow expats.


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