Four Unique Accommodation Experiences Worth Doing

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When traveling, accommodation isn’t always considered for some travelers as being something to really focus on. However, there are some benefits to doing it the other way around and making the holiday about the place you stay in as being the experience. Here are four unique accommodation experiences worth doing.

Stay In A Rainforest

A rainforest sounds wonderful right? But what would be out there that has managed to create accommodation within a rainforest? Well, you can find lodging in the rainforest in somewhere like Borneo, for example. It’s an award-winning lodge in the heart of Borneo’s oldest rainforest. Imagine waking up to the wonderful sights and sounds of the forest. You’ll be getting closer to nature then you’ve probably ever been before. However, you wouldn’t be staying in basic accommodation, and instead, you can find yourself in truly breathtaking villas or chalets, depending on your party size. It’s something that’s well worth experiencing, whether that’s with a friend or your partner, or even family.

Experience A Disney Hotel

To some, staying in a Disney hotel might sound like their own live version of a nightmare, but for others, it can be a truly magical experience. There’s no denying that Disneyland Florida, Paris or any other one of the amusement park locations is worth going to at some point in your life. It’s the only place where you get to be a kid, whether that’s as a child or as an adult. No one is too old to experience the magic of Disney and to spend it in a hotel that’s going to be full of Disney action, why wouldn’t you want to give yourself this experience?

Keep Cozy In An Outdoor Igloo

The Northern Lights are definitely worth experience because they are truly breathtaking to see up close and personal. To think this is something nature creates is incredible, and one of the best places to view them is in Iceland. And there’s a unique viewing experience of the lights by staying in an outdoor igloo, and no these aren’t made out of ice but glass! It can be a great way of seeing the lights, and you don’t even need to get out of bed. Pretty cool right?

Visit Giraffe Manor

And for those who love giraffes, then it’s definitely necessary to take a trip to Giraffe Manor in Kenya. The windows where one would sit down to eat breakfast are just big enough for Giraffes to stick their necks through and this a great opportunity for you to feed them. You’re never going to get as close to them as you would with this experience, so it’s certainly something worth doing. Don’t expect to be able to eat any of your own breakfast there though because they’ll nab it first.

With these four unique accommodation experiences, it’s certainly worth considering the accommodation you pick every time you go on holiday. You could find a truly wonderful experience through where you stay, rather than just where you go for your holiday.


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