Having A Better Relationship With Alcohol

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Alcohol is one thing that many of us enjoy, and it’s a vice that we give into in order to celebrate happy times. However, it can be easy to let alcohol take control and for you to become addicted. So here are a few bits of advice to help have a better relationship with alcohol, whatever your poison would be.

Be Aware Of Units

Each glass of wine or beer has a number of units of alcohol and the more units you consume, the more impact it has on your body. Not to mention that it becomes more unhealthy, the more units you consume. Firstly, it’s good to know how many units are in each drink and then to track how many units you have over the course of a week. That will help you to figure out how much you’re drinking and whether it’s too much. It’s important to have a healthy balance and to stick to your limits on the units you’re allowed to consume on a daily or weekly basis. It’s nice to indulge yourself every now and then but be wary when it comes to alcohol intake. Be aware of those units and what it can mean for your body.

Don’t Drink When You’re Down

Drinking when you’re down and upset is never a good mixture when alcohol is involved. Alcohol is a depressant, and so it’s only going to give you that temporary high for so long until you come crashing down. And when you come down, it’s going to be worse when you’re not feeling happy in yourself. Try to avoid alcohol when you’re feeling this way and keep alcohol away from you or situations where you may find you start drinking. Get your friends or family to encourage an alcohol-free atmosphere when you’re feeling this way.

Get Help If Needed

Help is always important when it comes to times where you need it, and it can feel so much better to have help than to go it alone. If you’ve noticed a problem with your drinking, then going to an alcohol rehab center might be what you need in order to recover and have a healthy relationship with alcohol. That might be not drinking at all or taking yourself away from it for a while before reintroducing it when you are stronger in self-control.

Know Your Limit

Everyone has a limit, and you might be well aware of what yours is. However, the current generations of drinkers in their twenties have become all about binge drinking than respecting their limit. It’s important to know when to stop because if you don’t, then you’ll wake up feeling awful and too much binge drinking can severely affect your physical health and wellbeing.

Having a better relationship with alcohol is achievable, so work on what you can do to improve it. Get the help you need if it’s needed and control the amount you’re drinking on a weekly basis. A better relationship will allow you to enjoy it more.


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