How to Strengthen Your Memory by Playing Blackjack

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There are many exercises and programs set-up that you can follow if you want to strengthen your memory, but as is the case with your fitness goals, you’ll have a lot more success if you’re aiming to achieve a goal in doing so.

With exercise, you could play a sport to get better it while benefiting from the exercise. When trying to strengthen your memory, you could aim to become a great blackjack player, becoming good at the card game while enhancing your memory skills.

To go from hoping to get 21 at the table to being able to strategise and play the game of blackjack requires you to learn a lot of memory tricks. Over the last half-a-century or so, people have devised many mathematically-based strategies which, if deployed, enable people to beat the game of blackjack.

In learning these strategies, you’ll strengthen your memory a great deal as well as learn tricks that you could then also apply to other aspects of your life.

Memory is the basis of blackjack strategy

Known as the ‘Four Horsemen’, according to, Roger Baldwin, James McDermott, Herbert Maisel, and Wilbert Cantey figured out the optimum blackjack strategy back in the 1950s.

The strategy still holds up today and introduced card players to the right way of playing blackjack. Known as ‘Basic Strategy’, the sheet details 250 situations and actions that each player should remember if they want to become a strong blackjack player.

Basic Strategy has become a launchpad for a huge amount of literature on ways to play and win at blackjack, with many different mathematical theories being applied. One such example is that of the Markov chain analysis being applied to the Complete Point-Count System, as detailed at

All of it comes down to learning these strategies and having the ability to recall them in high-pressure situations. So, some memory and learning tricks are needed to help you to retain all of the information.

Memorizing and applying strategy

Only so much learning can be done from the pages of books or the internet, with experience being one of the most powerful tools for enhancing your memory. As such, it’s always good to try to apply your strategies in games of blackjack to cement them in your memory.

While still a beginner, you most likely won’t want to go to a land-based casino to try out your new strategies, so a preferable alternative would be to get the authentic experience while playing online at sites such as Playing live blackjack online not only delivers the feel playing the game in person, but it is also available whenever you want to test your memorisation of blackjack strategy.

Of course, learning strategies first is a must. To help you to get a grasp of strategies early on and retain the information, details that converting numbers into shapes can help a great detail.

By changing a number into a shape which makes sense to you, such as the number eight into a snowman, it then becomes easier to recall it as part of a greater scheme. You then apply these shapes to the blackjack strategy rules, which can be achieved by placing multiple shapes into familiar landscapes, with each landscape indicating the action that you need to perform.

By aiming to become a strong blackjack player, you’ll learn how to get better at remembering a huge range of strategies and how to utilize memory tricks to recall them when necessary. Not only will you become better at the card game, but you will also strengthen your memory and recall by applying the lessons learned to other aspects of your life.

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