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New Year’s Resolution

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Now that the holidays have sadly come to a close, all the food is gone, the warm holiday spirits have left you, you’re probably pulling down the decorations and saying goodbye to your winter break. A very sad time indeed, but also one of new beginnings and possibilities.

People all over NYC have started from a blank page, not only a new year but also a new decade. What better place to start being a better you. People have just now started jogging in the morning, eating healthy, waking up early, studying harder and so much more. And this is all in the name of a new and improved “you”. But is there something you may be overlooking? Something that’s just as important as mental and physical health? 

Your appearance, of course. This is something very easy to overlook since now everyone is constantly worried about how they look. Many people feel confident regardless of what they look like, which is great. But just as many people rush out to their nearest clinic to see what they can get from Juvederm NYC and other major cities’ most beloved dermal filler.

Starting Off Fresh

Starting off fresh doesn’t just have to be a diet, a new sport, a gym membership, and 25 new books to read over the week. Starting off fresh also means looking the part as well. After a long and arduous year of working, your body will begin to reflect how you look, and you may not like the results.

Stuff like wrinkles, bags under the eyes, loose skin can really demotivate people from looking into a mirror or even going outside. People simply want to look as fresh as they feel in this new decade.

This is where Juvederm shines. As a dermal filler, its job is to freshen up various parts of the face. When injected, it basically tightens the skin in specific areas, raising it up and basically pulling back all the loose areas. This is how it restores the volume of the face. While there are many things we naturally notice about a face, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. you don’t really consciously notice volume until it’s actually pointed out to you.

But once you do notice it, it makes a huge difference in the face and how vibrant it looks. A face with greater volume will look tight, chiseled, with certain eye-catching elements, such as pronounced cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Again, while you may not notice this yourself, you do still subconsciously see these things and they do have a major effect on how you see yourself.

Looking vibrant has never been easier and with the Juvederm treatment, it’s available for everyone to try out in this new decade. But what about wrinkles and other age marks?

Combating Wrinkles

Juvederm is also a great way to smooth out age marks and other kinds of skin damage. Generally, the most prominent age marks can be found on the forehead, around the eyes, like the bags located under and crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes. Smile lines are also very noticeable. All of these are handled by Juvederm. With its diverse group of variants, the Juvederm injections are able to not only smooth out these wrinkles and age marks but also make them look absolutely natural.

The greatest part about modern cosmetic technology is that everything is designed to look natural. Maybe a couple of years ago, facial treatments would have been easy to spot, nowadays, you have to have a really keen and well-trained eye to see traces of the treatment.

And best of all, this form of anti-aging works fast and lasts a long time. So, you don’t have to worry about constantly going in and out of clinics, constantly having to stay at home because you look puffy, as well as pay so much money for treatments and post-procedural products. It’s super easy and fast: go into the clinics, get the injections and leave, with a downtime lasting around a week. 

The procedure itself, being a series of injections, lasts somewhere from 40 to 50 minutes at most, so you shouldn’t expect to cancel your plans just to go into the clinic. And during the downtime, all you really need to do is not touch and feel around the area too much and just endure very slight swelling and itchiness. That’s really all there is to it. Nothing more than that.

Looking Around NYC

With all these new clinics opening up, as well as all the old ones, who knows where to go these days. Each one has its own pluses and minuses, each one has its own prices and deals. And while more choice is always better for the consumer, sometimes making that choice can be quite difficult.

The best place to start is simply to ask around. Ask your friends or family if they know a clinic that would match your needs or just look through some reviews through websites like

But if you don’t have time for all that, I can very simply recommend you Skinly Aesthetics and you can be on your way. Located in the heart of Manhattan, with its amazing offers and prices which are accessible to as many individuals living in the NYC area as possible, Skinny Aesthetics really wants to freshen you up this year.

If you go onto their website, make sure to be on the lookout for their Juvederm NYC treatment, which offers high-quality Juvederm, performed by highly trained and seasoned professionals, but for a price that’ll reasonably fit within your budget.

So, there’s nothing holding you back from starting off your year and decade with a fresh new look. Juvederm is closer to you right now than it has ever been before.

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