Quick Home Upgrades that Deliver Big Results

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Home improvements don’t have to be costly nor do they have to take up a lot of your spare time. With these upgrades, you will see massive results with very little effort while enabling you to get little jobs done, from air filters to storage. 

Repair Scratches

Scratches and dings in your furniture can make it look worn out shabby before its time. But these nicks are easy to repair with a simple stain-filled touch-up marker that will cost you just a few pounds. 

You simply dab the stain onto the scratch and wipe off the excess with an old rag. However, choose a stain that’s a lighter color than your furniture as scratches can absorb it and make it appear darker, ultimately making it stand out more. If there are loads of scratches, you may want to lightly sand the whole piece and then use a wipe-on product to refresh the whole item. 

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh coat of paint really livens up old cabinetry and can make your kitchen look brand new in next to no time. For the best adhesion, you should choose an oil-based paint which will be tougher than other types of paint, but it does have a strong odor and can be tricky to clean up. It also has a longer drying time than water-based paint, so bear this in mind. Acrylic enamel paint will allow you to avoid the negative aspects of oil-based paint with all the durability it provides. 

Install Shelving

There are often areas of your home that aren’t being utilized but would provide you with ample storage. For example, the space above your doorway in the bathroom or kitchen is typically never used but would be a great place to store towels or items that you don’t need access to all the time. They’re easy to install, cheap to purchase and will provide you with great benefits while making use of underused space. Another option is to add shelving above the towel rail in your bathroom for toiletries or decorative items. 

Install a New Shower Trim Kit

If you don’t have the time or budget for a whole new bathroom, you can still give it a new lease of life by switching out the existing taps and shower-head for new ones. Trim kits are inexpensive and easy to install, but they can make a big difference to the look of your bathroom. If you can find a trim kit that uses the existing trim valve, you won’t need to worry about touching anything inside the wall. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting can transform any space, from making an area more inviting and welcoming to making darker rooms more functional. 

There are numerous ways you can use lighting to update your home to great effect, such as adding a dimmer switch in your living room for ambiance and reduced energy which benefits your bank balance and the planet. Or perhaps you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and would benefit from under-cabinet lights which make the space more practical and also create a sophisticated look. 


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