Seeing Shows More Often and For Less

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Seeing concerts, plays, and other forms of performance art live is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Most of us would profess to enjoy live shows—yet most of us don’t get out to those shows as often as we might like. In a modern world of stay-at-home convenience, it’s sometimes hard to get out of the house for even the best of reasons.

You have the power to change this. You’ll have plenty of time to watch Netflix and eat take-out when you’re sick, old, or otherwise stuck at home. Now is the time to go make the most of your time and enjoy something fresh, unique, and vibrantly alive. The live performance experience is something that no other form of art can accomplish. Here’s how to get out there and experience it.

Get In A Rhythm

If it feels like ages since you’ve been to a live show, it might feel like quite a chore to plan out your next one. If you put in the work, though, you might find that the next show is easier to get to. Pretty soon, going out for a show will be a habit instead of a rare undertaking. You’ll get familiar with theaters and venues, transportation routes, and the best places to grab a delicious meal before the curtain rises (or a nice glass of wine after it comes down again). Get into a rhythm and make live performances a more regular part of your life!

Buy Smart

A live performance can be an incredible experience. It can also be an expensive one. To save money, plan out your shows carefully and use the right websites to find cheap tickets. How much concert tickets cost can vary quite a bit depending on when and where you buy them. There are reputable ticket marketplaces that can get you into shows for a whole lot less.

Plan Ahead

Convenient ticket-buying apps and websites have made it easier than ever to go to theater shows and concerts (as well as sporting events and other live events) in a spur-of-the-moment way. But operating in this manner means that you’ll only go to shows when you have enough energy to plan and follow through on the same day. Plus, last-minute shows can conflict with other plans—plans that you might not have made had you known that your favorite band was in town.

So grab a concert calendar or a schedule of Broadway shows and pick your next experience in advance. Google “country concerts near me” instead of waiting to see billboards and ads for touring acts. Chances are, getting the planning (and the expense) out of the way will make it more likely that you actually attend. And if you really can’t make it, never fear: You can just sell off your unused ticket before the event takes place.

Take Advantage Of The Secondary Market

Planning ahead may mean buying tickets at face value before they increase in demand. But there are other cases in which tickets will actually drop in value—and that’s when you might want to check out the secondary market.

If you can’t imagine missing a show, you might want to play it safe and buy a ticket right from the box office. But if you’re on the fence about a particular show, or if you just feel like seeing something tonight and don’t yet know what, then a quick glance at ticket reselling websites could reveal a great deal.

Don’t Sleep On Small-Time Shows

Going out to see a live performance can involve driving or taking the train to a big theater for a sold-out production—but it doesn’t have to. Don’t forget about the many smaller venues that offer convenient and uncrowded looks at stars in the making. From hip indie venues to local bars that offer live music in the background, there are opportunities for live experiences all over the place.

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