Small Bad Habits That Make a Big Difference to Your Health

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We all have little habits and quirks that we’re guilty of, most of them might seem harmless but on closer inspection, you could find that you’re actually doing your body some damage. Here are a few day to day habits that you might have, that you may want to consider changing!


Listening to music too loud

Music can transport us to another world, and can be a great way to relax and escape. You might be at the gym or on the train with with headphones on, or cleaning the house with the speakers up full- music is a great way to pass time or make yourself feel better if you’ve had a bad day, as the saying goes, sometimes music is all the therapy you need. But before really cranking it up, consider that you could be putting your hearing at risk. Most modern phones will give you a warning when the volume is up too high, so don’t ignore this. 


Not moving off the sofa all weekend

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain and obesity which comes with its own set of significant health issues. Maintaining an active lifestyle will prevent the body from becoming weak, you’ll keep your fitness levels and exercise in general will benefit every cell in your body. Find activities you enjoy doing, it could be anything from swimming to a dance class. Make an effort to stay active- walk your dog more, bike instead of taking the car and go on days out where you’ll be doing a lot of walking around.


Eating sweets or breath mints

Having a breath mint to freshen your mouth after lunch might not be an issue, but if you find yourself popping these all day then remember that they’re full of sugar and bad for your teeth. The calories can all add up too, so go with a sugar free mint chewing gum instead, or bring a small bottle of mouthwash in your bag that you can rinse with when you need to. 


Using out of date cosmetics

Surprisingly, there’s no legal requirement to put expiration dates on cosmetics, as they’re not consumable items. However, they do expire and old makeup and skincare can be a haven for bacteria, and on the skin can cause rashes, irritation and infection. Some old cosmetic items such as deodorants have even been loosely linked with breast cancer in some studies. Go through your stash and throw away anything that’s changed in consistency, texture or smells bad. There are guides online to give you an idea of how long different items tend to last, making it easier to work out what’s worth keeping and what’s good for the bin. 


Indulging in dangerous vices

Most obvious of all, things like too much alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking and even binge eating can all be incredibly bad for the body. Toxins in the body can lead to cancers and other illnesses, you’ll cause yourself to age prematurely and you’ll feel sluggish and as though you’re in poor health. Too much fat, sugar and salt can lead to heart issues, diabetes, strokes and more. Speak to a doctor if your vice is also an addiction, and get yourself the right support. 


My name is Kaitlin McGuire, and I am going into my junior year at Monmouth University. I’m majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology. I am a very outgoing, high-spirited individual who lives life to the fullest. I enjoy working out and eating healthy, fashion, beauty, celebrity news, the latest gossip and trends, and traveling the world. I also have a passion for cooking and spent a month in Italy exploring the country cuisine and attending daily cooking classes. Don’t worry boys; you will enjoy my articles as well! I have two older brothers, and am well educated on men’s psyche, fashion, and sports. My writing pieces will reflect what I am passionate about, and hopefully attract, relate, and motivate readers like you! For any questions, opinions, or comments, please email me. Don’t hesitate!

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