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The Nice Business Touches That Enhance Customer Goodwill

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Goodwill is perhaps one of the most useful business principles and ‘energies’ that you could ever curate, because of how simple and easy it is to collect. You needn’t have to use deceptive practices to enhance it either. Goodwill can help you ensure customer loyalty, or perhaps it’ll ensure they retweet your social media promotions, or perhaps it means they’ll recommend your services to a friend. These are extremely valuable measures to gain in the unpredictable and competitive business world, and so it’s best not to take them for granted.

The nice business touches that enhance customer goodwill are so simple that it’s astonishing more businesses aren’t involved in caring for them – but it rarely happens. Don’t let your own humble business fall victim to this. Even if it very gently prevents your bottom line from being quite as sharp, the value you can gain in other, more personal, immeasurable ways are still worthwhile.

In this post we hope to discuss the nice business touches that enhance business goodwill to no uncertain degree. Please, consider the following:

A Small Extra Gift

A minor extra gift alongside an order can be a fantastic means of developing goodwill. For example, let us use the example of a computer parts retailer selling most of their catalog online. These purchases being made are likely more expensive than most, and will sometimes signify the end result of someone saving up for a particular home-use item. Adding a little packet of sweets within the delivered box can help you capitalize on the excitement already felt by the person expecting a delivery, adding that added bonus of positivity when they come to accept it and open their Poly Mailers package. That in itself can build goodwill for almost no cost.

Going The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile can be a great means in which to foster goodwill, especially if they help settle grievances. For example, if someone calls to complain about a late delivery, apologizing for the order confusion and granting them another free month of your premium delivery service can help settle the score, provided the package is then delivered or re-sent. It’s a nice extra courtesy that you didn’t need to apply, but within your policy allowing for support discretion like this can help build goodwill.

Remembering Your Clients/Customers

We all like to feel as though we’re noteworthy in some respect, and so simply being remembered as a client or customer can help us feel appreciated and respected. Of course, you’re hardly going to remember every single client or customer you deal with as a business leader, but putting an order to a face, learning a name, or respecting your regular customers can be worthwhile. For example, a butcher asking a customer how the previous week’s sausages were with a warm beaming smile can be a fantastic means of securing loyalty from said walk-in, and that in itself can cost nothing to apply.

With this advice, you’re sure to enhance the best business touches that will curate customer goodwill.

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