Three Bingo games that will revitalise your love for the pastime

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The popular pastime Bingo has been around for centuries and while it received a very glamorous makeover when it transformed from the traditional hall to the web, the changes need to continue to ensure it remains popular. The digital age has helped to blow away the stereotypes associated with Bingo, making it accessible to everyone, no matter their age, gender or status. If you’re looking for new fun Bingo games, read on as we share three that will no doubt reignite your love.

Housey Bingo

If you’re bored of the 90-ball format and are looking for something a bit more exciting, you’ll love Housey Bingo. It’s a 52-ball game, where there’s only one prize and that’s for getting a full house, or Bingo! 

You may wonder why there are 52 balls, well this particular variation is a cross between card games and Bingo. There are 52 playing cards in a standard deck and these represent the balls in this game. Each hand is a single ticket, which consists of five values and these are displayed as playing card graphics, while five hands constitutes a strip.

The card values aren’t displayed until the game begins and the card values are called (for example Queen of Hearts). If your card matches what is called, the card will be covered by a chip and it’s the first player to get a full house that wins. Two or more players may share the prize if they match the final value called. 

This game also has a progressive jackpot which is triggered if a player gets a full house within seven calls. When this happens, the winner receives 50% of the prize pot, while the rest of the playing community share the other 50%.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Fans of the popular Channel 4 gameshow hosted by Noel Edmonds will love this variation of the classic. It’s a 90-ball game, where there are four prizes up for grabs: one line, two lines, house and the Deal or No Deal feature. The latter is the main draw to this one, with the other prizes found in many standard Bingo games.

The player who wins the full house is the one who qualifies for the Deal or No Deal feature and much like the TV programme, they are offered a deal by the Banker. They can choose to either accept the prize on offer or take the prize in the box that was chosen at the start of the game. If two boxes are remaining at the end of the game, they are also giving the choice of Swap or No Swap

Of course, the game displays graphics that can be associated with the TV show and before the game commences, the Deal or No Deal feature will appear in the corner of your screen. All players will see the 22 monetary amounts (11 blue ones on the left and 11 red ones on the right) and the box selected at random. The remaining 21 boxes will be generated a number from 1-90, so when that number is revealed during the game, it is then removed from the feature. Will you beat the Banker?

Cash Cubes Bingo

This unique game may be difficult to understand, but once you get it, it’s sure to be loads of fun. Cash Cubes Bingo is a 36-ball variant. Each ticket contains 12 numbers and is made up by four squares joined by a trapezoid. When your number is called, the trapezoid with that number in it will turn yellow. 

But that’s not where the rules end. There are four different ticket prices, which are represented by four different coloured cubes (from cheapest to most expensive: orange, green, purple and red). In each game, there is one prize and that is won by getting a full house. There’s also a Cash Cubes Jackpot Prize and Cubes Collection features (one for each stake level, the colours listed above). 

The Cash Cubes jackpot prize is a progressive jackpot which is won by calling four cubes within a certain number of ball calls and the jackpot prize is split between all players – you have to be in it to win it. The Cubes Collection is won when players manage to accumulate 50 cubes of the same colour and if you surpass 50, those cubes will roll over onto your next game, so there’s a great incentive to keep playing. Once you’ve collected 50 cubes, you’ll win a bonus prize.

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