Top 5 Best Smartwatches of 2020

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Nowadays, with the help of technology, watches can now perform a lot of tricks—the presence of GPS for tracking your location, the feature of heart rate monitoring, and the recording of your steps. Watches can now also receive messages and even be music storage. That does not end there as you can also access your camera with just your watch. Pretty neat, right? Who would think that you can have the power to make your life more comfortable with the use of the little device resting on your wrist?

The existence of aesthetically pleasing Apple Watches, the stylish and fashionable Samsung watches, the efficiency of Fitbit in monitoring your health, and the rugged personality of Nixon Mission—pave the way to the innovation of smartwatches in the market. The continuing growth of smartwatches makes it impossible to choose, which is which. But with also with its growth, there are available watches for all your needs.

Your needs may be concerned in fashion then, Boss, Bulgari, or Seiko will be the brands for you. In the field of business, Breitling or Cartier will do the job. These smartwatches featured below will help you keep in constant reminder of your daily tasks in the midst of having a hectic schedule at work or school and sacrificing your health to perform specific projects.

So, sit still. Start stretching your body as we dive in deep in these revered smartwatches of 2020.

Apple Watch Series 5

In terms of brand and efficiency, Apple is at the peak of quality smartwatches that should encapsulate. Thus, the Apple Watch Series 5 is in the highest part of the hierarchy of smartwatches, it may not be your typical luxury skeleton watches but Apple smartwatches possesses a significant portion in health and fitness. What makes the Apple brand on the top for generations is their ability to capture your attention with a sleek design and powerful features.

Its health and fitness, the Apple smartwatch, will recommend you to see a doctor if it detects an anomaly in your body. If in case you passed out, the watch will immediately operate and call the emergency services. These features will ensure a life-saving mechanism that will encourage you to ditch the traditional watch and seeks refuge in the warm embrace of Apple Watch Series 5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung will not be on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to smartwatches. Apple may have a sleek design, but Samsung Galaxy Watch Active provides a gorgeous and intuitive user-interface. Its circular screen gives you a strong impression of the product since it holds top rated capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active can monitor your blood pressure, and the great thing about it is it’s water-resistant. Are you going on swimming or taking a bath, and you are getting so sick and tired of putting your watch on and off? Well, this smartwatch will solve that dilemma.

Fossil Sport

Its lightweight design makes it a perfect smartwatch for a sporty person. This watch brand may just be starting up, but Fossil Sport will put them in the list of top smartwatches. The Fossil Sport offers a lot more apps and watch faces than Samsung—no shade just facts.

Its battery life can survive for two days. Though it may be a promising watch, Fossil Sport could use improvement, but overall, you cannot deny its desirable features. Thus, it is wearable and yields maximum productivity.

Skagen Falser 2 Smartwatch

If you are obsessed with small and elegant watches, then, Skagen Falser 2 Smartwatch is in your alley to brighten up your day. Not many Android smartwatches can brag about their watch as elegant, but Skagen, a Danish brand, will give you timeless timepieces. This smartwatch is powered by Google’s Wear OS. Moreover, it includes features such as notifications, Google assistant, weather, an activity tracker, and a bunch of stuff.

It may be efficient in terms of battery life as it only suffices 24 hours of use. In the case of straps, it is pretty customizable as it allows you to change it. The simple and elegant watch face of Skagen Falaser 2 will keep your eyes glued on it. It captivates you in the things that you can only imagine. There are some watch face that is already pre-installed to choose from so, get your hands on this simple yet elegant smartwatch.

Huawei Watch GT2

This may not surprise you, but Huawei has a basic operating system. No, don’t leave yet. I intend to say a couple of things. The Huawei Watch is some breed between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch, so that is why it can be a little underwhelming. Its high-resolution screen, together with the long battery life of two weeks and charging it 27 times a year, will do the job, which is a jaw-dropping feature. It can—probably—compensate its basic and boring operating system like the calendar.

The main focus of the watch is your health and lifestyle. The watch offers a GPS and a heart rate sensor. Thus, this watch may be preferable to physically active person that the cornerstone of their life is exercising that the adventurous and gypsy soul type of person. It is quite a basic watch, but if you are impressed with the long-battery life mechanism in watches, then this watch may be for you.


Sometimes, the thing that we attribute to the usage of the smartwatch is the notification, as it is beneficial that you can immediately see what it is. It will not be rude when checking your notification. But the thing is, smartwatches are pretty crucial and essential in keeping track of your health, the heart rate, and even the detection of blood pressure is a life-saving hack for a watch.

Apple Watches advances in its efficiency and design while Samsung Galaxy Watch excels in their love and intuitive user-interface. The Skagen Falser 2 Smartwatch soars above the overwhelming amount of smartwatches in the market with their elegant motif, and Huawei may be underwhelming but gave us the two weeks of battery life. These watches are undeniably on their ‘A’ game as they continue to astound people with their products. 

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