Top Rated POS Systems for Liquor Stores

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If you run a liquor store, accepting payment from your customers is important. You want to find a solution that can help you keep track of inventory, manage your sales, securely accept payment and do it all without hassle. However, most small business owners don’t know a lot about point of sale systems. Below is some information on finding the top-rated POS system for liquor store businesses.

Some Qualities of a Good Liquor Store POS System

Before examining specific POS systems, it is important to understand what characteristics make one good for the liquor store business. Selling alcohol is a retail operation. Therefore, you don’t want to just have a merchant account, you also need a system that can track your inventory for you. This can make managing your business substantially easier.

Similarly, you likely want one that can integrate well with your account and other reporting systems. There should be no reason to have to manually enter your sales data. Instead, a simple integration point can save you time and effort.

You definitely need to be able to accept cash, credit cards and even smartphone NFC payments. The more ways your customers can pay, the more they will want to buy. Furthermore, processing payments should be fast and easy.

Finally, you likely want all of this in a package that is easy to use. Many older POS systems are clunky and confusing. More modern solutions, however, feature simple interfaces and touchscreen controls. This makes learning how to use them and training employees much easier.

Top-Rated Solutions

One of the best options you could use is the Clover Station. This all-in-one POS system features a cash drawer, a touch-screen interface and the ability to accept a wide range of payment types. It even has the functionality to track employee timesheets so you can manage payroll more easily.

The Clover POS system is a popular one among liquor stores because it is so easy to use. It also gives your store a more modern, polished look which can be a valuable benefit in the alcohol sales business.

Another great option is the Revel POS system. This features some great tools including online ordering and a customer-facing display. It is an excellent choice for businesses with a large number of cash payments. Furthermore, like the Clover system, it has excellent inventory management and good discount tools.

Either of these systems would help your business thrive. In the retail space, your POS system can be a serious time-saver. It can also help you avoid running out of stock on popular items. You may be surprised by how much easier it is to run your business efficiently with the right POS system.

Get Started

If you want to take your liquor store business to the next level of success, get set up with your new POS system. You can save time and effort while also delighting your customers with faster service and payment processing. Whether you choose Clover, Revel or another option, getting the right solution for your business can be a big deal. Get started exploring your options today.

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