What Your Tie Says About You

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Everyone is unique, and it shows through in many ways. How you dress is a great example, and your tie is one of the focal points of any business or formal attire, creating a first impression before words are spoken.

The Necktie

While the standard of ties is the necktie, the bowtie is still a somewhat popular option. If you wear this, you likely have an eccentric or fashionista flair and a desire to separate yourself from the crowd. 

Colors and Patterns

The design on your tie is the first thing that everyone notices, specifically when there is no over layer covering it up. Whether it’s wacky or calm, your neckwear brings a suit and shirt to life.

Plain Colors

These are the cleanest, slickest looking ties that you’ll find. Solid colors can go a long way for any outfit, and there’s likely a profound reason you wear that shade. A green tie is loud and probably won’t be seen in a workplace, but is commonly associated with rebirth and nature.

Black is generally worn as a formal tie, presenting a sophisticated and well-bred look that can enhance your style. Purple, the color of royalty, displays self-confidence, and a desire to create lasting first impressions.

Reds make a statement when they’re worn, and in turn show, you want to build trust and display creativity. Blue, on the other hand, blue has a calming effect while representing authority in the wearer.

Pattern and Images

With a tie, you can easily show off your favorite cartoon character or many other pop-icon inspired neckties. While a character creates a sense of immaturity, it can also separate you from the crowd and display you as an authentic person.

Symmetrical patterns show that you enjoy order and uniformity, while asymmetrical tie designs give your appearance a sense of adventure and creativity. Patterns will also add an element that displays your complexity.


Dark colors present you in a quiet and mysterious way, telling very little about you. Brighter colors make you appear kinder and more open to people.


There are a few materials to pick from when deciding on a tie. The most common is polyester and generally doesn’t mean anything due to how common it is. However, silk ties are considered a status symbol due to their cost.

Woolen ties draw a bit more attention and can display self-confidence. Satin ties present a salesman like feeling that works best in a handful of situations. For casual wear, cotton is the best choice, showing a relaxed sense of self.

Tying the Knot

Most people only learn one or two types of knots for a tie. Generally, this is the method passed down from parent to child and likely has not changed for many years. Alternatively, it’s the first knot you find on YouTube when teaching yourself.

There are over 150 thousand ways to tie the knot of a tie. With such a wide variety, it’s hard to classify or learn them all. 


Most commonly, a form of the Windsor knot is used. These are the variations that are tough in almost any school and household. These knots show both traditionalism and authority; however, they can display a lack of imagination as well.

Basic but Eccentric

These are the ones you’ve likely never experienced. You can learn these knots with ease, but they are trickier than your standard knot. Using these displays you in a sly and creative light, showing that you enjoy differentiating yourself from the crowd.

Complex Knots

These are likely donned only by the most eccentric people. It includes the Pythagoras, the Capsule, and the Eldritch knots. These will take more time to time and create a unique impression depending on the complexity of the knot.

No Tie

Perhaps wearing a tie isn’t your style. This is common for many, and there are a few ways this is done. Most commonly, it’s an open collar, presenting either a free soul or masculine trait.

Alternatively, you may wear the collar buttoned up with nothing or an alternative neckpiece. These allow you to come off in a relaxed manner that doesn’t value rules as much as you should. The neckpiece you use is associated with the meaning you give it.

Finishing the Look

How you wear a tie says a lot about you, but the most important aspect is making it match your outfit. Without this, there is no point in picking a tie or knot while intending to create the desired result.


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