Why Have a Destination Wedding?

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Are you trying to decide if a destination wedding is the right choice for you? It’s a decision that you need to make as a couple, but it’s not always so easy to come to an agreement. There are plenty of advantages to a destination wedding, but there are some drawbacks too. Although you need to consider the potential downsides, it’s worth taking the great reasons into account too.

Get Married in Your Dream Location

If you’ve always had a dream location for your wedding, there might be nothing stopping you getting married there. You might have a vague idea for a setting, such as a beach setting, or there might be a particular location that means a lot to you or that you’ve always wanted to see.

Whittle Down the Guest List

Keeping your guest list to just a handful of people can be difficult. Many people expect an invite to your wedding, but it’s not always easy to know who they are. When you have a destination wedding, it gives you a good reason to have just a short guest list. People will understand if they’re not invited, and might even feel relieved.

Combine It with Your Honeymoon

Rather than visiting your wedding destination for just a day or two, you can extend your stay for your honeymoon. In fact, some of your guests might like to stick around for a bit longer too and enjoy a vacation. You might as well make the most of the place while you’re there, instead of going home.

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