You Must Be Aware Of These Potential Health Issues For Elderly Parents

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There is a fundamental shift that takes place as you get older. Once, your parents were responsible for caring for you completely. You had very little independence and were reliant on them in various different aspects of your life. As you age, the shift takes place. Your parents grow older and begin to lose some of their independence. They rely on you for help and support in their life instead. You need to be prepared for this change and ready for what it entails. In some cases, you might become a carer for your parent. In others, it may simply be necessary to keep a check on their health and issues that they may face. There are various health issues that do become more apparent and more likely as you age. Here are some of the issues to consider. 


You may not have heard of the opioid epidemic but it is one of the most problematic health issues that we are facing today. Many people are not aware that opioid addiction is far more common in older adults, particularly in rural areas. As such, it’s important to be aware of this issue and take the right steps to help someone who is facing problems here. Usually, an opioid addiction treatment program will be necessary. The benefit here is that you will be able to make sure that your parent is getting professional support. Often when faced with an addiction like this, it’s impossible to break the cycle without an expert on your side. 


Certainly, another issue that you need to be aware of is dementia. It’s often thought that dementia is one condition. The reality is that this is an umbrella term. There are hundreds of different types of dementia that could impact your loved one. So, it’s impossible to prepare for all of them. What you can do is make sure you can recognize the signs that your parent could be suffering from dementia. 

There are numerous signs of dementia. For instance, you might note that your parent is having problems with balance and motor control. This could certainly progress into issues with memory. You might find that they phase in and out of the present during a conversation. This can be quite worrying because it looks like the person has essentially frozen mid-thought. 

It’s important to know that while dementia is not curable, it can be delayed with the right processes and treatment. The progression of the disease can slow down if the right steps are put in place. 

Trips And Falls

Finally, an elderly parent is more likely to experience a trip or a fall. This could leave them needing hospital treatment and it’s possible that more time spent in a hospital could cause their health to deteriorate further. You can avoid this by helping them improve their home and ensure it has the right safety features in place. For instance, you should consider adding a support rail to the bathroom. 

We hope this helps you understand how to keep your parents safe and deal with health issues that they may develop as they get older. 


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