13 Awkward Things That Happen in a Lesbian Relationship

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Ever wonder what awkward things happen in a lesbian relationship? Admit it, it’s kind of difficult to tell especially if you can’t personally relate to the set-up. 

To give you some ideas on this, here are 13 awkward things that happen in a lesbian relationship.


One of the most embarrassing things that can happen especially during sex is the unexpected period. You know that moment when you don’t know your period is coming soon. But then your girlfriend goes down on you and after a glorious climax, your girlfriend comes to you and you see her face soaked in blood. Kinda funny but yeah, embarrassing—not to mention awkward.

Sex positions can really be extra strenuous for ladies in lesbian relationship. Things can just get awkward when it comes to some positions that are unique to them and not really used by straight couples because of the difference in needs. Some sex positions really need a little bit of getting used to, so the first tries can definitely get awkward and difficult for lesbian couples. 

First timers

For ladies who are in their first lesbian relationship, things can get really confusing and new. If you are one of the ladies who are currently in their first lesbian relationship, you can probably relate to this. The set-up, the treatment, and especially the sex positions can get really tricky at the beginning of the relationships. If you are not familiar with these things, don’t forget that Google is your friend. Search it up, girl!

Fashion and style

There will always be a heteronormative that in a relationship, one must look like a guy and the other one the girl. Wrong! Lesbian couples are often asked of who the man in the relationship is and the simple answer is none! When other people ask about this, it really gives a certain kind of awkwardness between the lesbian couple, mostly because they find your question so nonsense they are actually dumbfounded, 

Friend cross dating

In a lesbian relationship, you are likely to date your ex’s friend, and your ex is likely to date your friend—pretty common. This is because usually, they are just mutual friends of the previous couple. There is also a survey that says the lesbian pool is actually becoming lower. So for lesbians who used to be in a relationship before and are now dating their best friend, it can get really really awkward. And if you are a friend dating your friend’s ex, it’s definitely awkward, too. 

Girl problems

Sometimes, problems that only girls experience happens, and the variety of possibilities is crazy. For instance, one forgets to trim her nails and remembers in the middle of sex (it’s kind of painful not to trim that, girl!). Enough said.

Children and marriage

This topic usually is not from the lesbian couples themselves. Sometimes, it’s more of the people who ask this questions that make it awkward for the couple. This is true especially if the couple have not really talked about it yet. The talk of having children or adoption means that the relationship is serious and is foreseen to be for a lifetime commitment. The same is true for the talk of marriage. It gets awkward when the couples have not really talked about it but other people are already asking about it. Thing like these for lesbian couples are much more sensitive because the nature of society varies. Some may have been very accepting of same-sex marriage, some may not. 

This is a very common scenario in lesbian relationships. Most of them, at the early or beginning of their relationship, immediately decide to move in and live together. They sign a long-term apartment lease and the next thing you know, they are already on their way to their new apartment with dreams of being together—and a whole lot of freedom for sex! This advancement can actually be too rushed. Lesbian couples at the early part of their relationship have not known each other that much yet they make this kind of drastic move. When the relationship fails, they are both left a broken heart—and a broken pocket charged by the apartment lease! Not a very practical choice, right?


In any relationship, jealousy is always there. But for lesbian couples, jealousy can oftentimes take the form of paranoia. Lesbian couples are often insecure of their girlfriend’s friends because, well let’s face it, most people think that lesbians are easily attracted to any girls. Not true, gals! Being a lesbian does not mean she automatically gets attracted to every girl they see. For example, a girl always say good morning to your partner at the same time and place ,but it doesn’t mean she is attracted to her.Then again, a lot of jealousy cases stem from this insecurity between lesbian couples. 

Emotional infidelity

A study has actually shown that emotional infidelity is a common occurrence in lesbian relationships. Emotional infidelity is very awkward because it is least likely to be talked about. There is no clear way to know if your partner is emotionally cheating on you. Similarly, some people do not really accept emotional infidelity, so the margin of acceptance among lesbians differ. The difficulty lies in the fact that most emotional infidelity is concealed through friendship with another girl. Really difficult to tell, so if the relationship does not have a strong communication, it can get really awkward to talk about or even bring up.  When faced with great obstacles and temptation of emotional infidelity, some Inspirational Bible Quotes for Strength can help you get though it. 


For lesbians who are not yet out to their family, their relationship with their girlfriend is most likely concealed as besties. Kinda weird, right? You call her your bestie in front of your family but you are extra sweet (sometimes, you can’t just help but naturally become sweet to your partner). How do you expect to explain this? If you are not ready to come out yet, it’s better to keep things the way it is and just prepare yourself when you are finally ready. 

Difference in sex drive

This is true not only for lesbian couples but for all other couples out there. The difference in sex drive can cause so much awkwardness between couple. There will be times when one does not feel like having sex but the other wants to. Other times, it’s the other way around. Couples find it difficult to bring up to their partner because they want their partners to feel good. They don’t want them to feel like they are not doing their sexual obligations. However, communication can definitely help solve the problem. Tell your partner and let her know your concern. She will definitely understand that there are certain days when you don’t feel like doing it, and some days when you will definitely feel wild to want more of her. 

Annoying habits are really hard to get used to. Ladies tend to notice habits more, so their partner’s habit are very clear to them. This is most especially true for lesbian couples who are living together. Most of the time, when couples get really comfortable of each other, they let loose of some of their habits, including their undesirable ones. It gets awkward when your partner exhibit habit that you are really finding so hard to accept (and you can’t bring up because you don’t want to hurt her feelings). No matter what your partner’s annoying habits are, strengthen your relationship with romantic lesbian love words to let her know how you feel despite the annoying habits.

Any relationship, regardless of the kind, requires a lot of effort and energy to make I work. It isn’t about the type or the kind—it’s more on about how the individuals involved handle the situation. In any case, these are only few of the many awkward things that happen in a lesbian relationship. If you are planning to get into one, take note of these things ang prepare yourself so you can have a lasting and hot relationship with the girl you love!


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