4 Business Apps You’ll Wish You’d Used Sooner

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It’s a commonplace observation that fintech is revolutionizing the way we do our business and nowhere is that more so than in the ever-expanding universe of business apps.  What once would have had your finance team laboring for hours can now be done from your phone, giving you instant, easy to manage access to data, on the go. With the total number of available apps running to several millions and growing literally by the minute it’s not surprising that choosing the right apps for your business can be a little tricky, so here’s four tried and tested apps, guaranteed to make your business life easier.


If you’ve ever wasted time searching through old emails, or looking for that photo you took of a really good idea you thought might be worth developing, or trying to find that webpage that you bookmarked but which now won’t load, then maybe you should explore the organisational ease of Evernote.  This app enables you to gather documents, images and notes all in one place.  It will capture audio notes, take dictation or let you make sketches and it links to Gmail and all your apps. Available on multiple platforms Evernote means that you no longer lose your best ideas and you can work on them and share them on the go.


A prepaid card is a fintech solution to providing and tracking expenses and because the card has no direct link to your company bank account it’s far safer to use in online transactions than a conventional credit card. Set individual budgets for your staff and give them the freedom to spend as they need, confident that you have a real time overview of exactly what is being spent, who is spending it and what it’s being spent on. You can set spending limits, load foreign currency, cap spending on particular headings and if you’re really concerned, you can cancel individual cards without the need to block a bank account.  The Soldo system will also link to your cloud accounting software, making your expenses management even easier.


A cloud-based ecommerce solution to shipping, Shipsation imports orders from a wide range of integrated shipping channels, packages them and ships them.  It can create pick lists, print labels and manage returns, all from a single platform. It can customise orders and will enable you to grow your business by adding shipping channels or developing your overseas business.  Perhaps what’s most important is that it’s blissfully easy to use.


Already in use by over 4.5 million businesses, this cloud-based accounting system claims to save your business 8 hours a month in accounting time.  This app gives you the crucial real time overview of cashflow that a business needs. It connects to your business bank account, PayPal or other payment gateway, categorises expenses, tracks and calculates VAT and is fully HMRC compliant. It uploads real time data, enabling you to send an invoice or quote on the go, bringing speed convenience and clarity to your business accounting.


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