4 Easy Tips for Being More Mindful

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The harsh reality of our lives is that there just seems to be no time for rest and recuperation. Our minds are busy with things to do and bills to pay. Our days are jam-packed with to-do lists, responsibilities, rushing around, and not to mention the constant stimulation through technology which can have us browsing through the best Bingo sites and locked in to episode after episode of our favorite TV shows. 

The much needed me-time to keep our mental health happy and balanced just doesn’t seem to come around. That’s the joys of modern day living, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some say that by living mindfully, you can incorporate peace of mind, instil a sense of calm, and enjoy general wellbeing in your life – without having to make any major changes to your daily schedule. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

Mindful Living Practices – A Way of Life

If you think that mindful living is just another latest craze, you are wrong. Back in 2018, the BBC released an entire article on the benefits of mindfulness on World Mental Health Day. Two years later and mindfulness is every bit as relevant as it was back them. Mindfulness is a way of living that consists of age old proven methods of being more present in the moment. Living in this way can help you to derive more value from each moment and encounter in your life. When you are being mindful, there is no time to get yourself in a tizzy. There’s only time for the present moment. Sound like a great way to live out your life? Let’s take a look at just 5 ways that you can start being more mindful today.


  • Stop. 


Allow yourself some dedicated time to do nothing and just be. This is actually quite important to your overall happiness and mental health. Try to find time every day to just sit down, stop, and take a breather. 


  • Pay attention to your thoughts.

One of the best ways to be mindful is to catch yourself out and rectify the behaviour. If you find that you are busy with a task and your mind has drifted off to thoughts of the past or the future, then you need to purposefully bring your thoughts and awareness back to the present moment. Try to do this every time you find your mind wandering, and you will gradually become more mindful.


  • Stop looking at your watch. 

Make a conscious effort not to look at your watch while involved in a conversation or project. Sometimes you will need to keep track of time, but if you are spending time with the kids or meeting a friend for lunch, don’t keep checking the time. Rather focus on being entirely present in the conversation and fully giving of yourself to the moment and attached activity.


  • Notice your judgements but don’t act on them. 

Too often people have an emotion or a judgement and they immediately act on it. Avoid doing this in future. If you feel judgemental about a situation or emotional about something, note the feeling and allow yourself to feel that way. Now, take a breath and simply let it go. Getting caught up in trivial upsets and matters serves no value in your life. Observe your judgement or emotion and allow it to pass. 

Why Live Mindfully?

Why would you want to live mindfully? Well, there are many theories out there about the benefits of mindful living. The NHS also recommends living mindfully instead of just rushing through life unaware of what is happening around you. Below are just a few of the reasons why you might want to incorporate some mindful living practices in your life.

  • Mindfulness practice enhances cognition and memory capacity.
  • Practicing mindfulness can minimize anxiety and depression. When you aren’t allowing yourself to panic over the past or the future, you can start to feel more present.
  • Being mindful and fully present in the current moment can boost your productivity. If you can’t be easily distracted, you will get more done.
  • Practicing mindfulness can decrease your stress levels by keeping your mind on current activities and away from aimless stressing and panicking. 

Last Word

Whether mindfulness for you is taking a break from browsing through the best bingo sites or being fully present and aware when spending time with the kids; you won’t regret it. The benefits of being mindful are undeniable – now you just have to practice it!



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