4 tips for living alone for the first time

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Maybe you have just moved out of your parents’ home and are venturing out in the big bad world for the first time, or perhaps have recently separated and are starting over.  Moving into a new place on your own is an exciting, yet daunting, situation and you will more than likely have a million and one things rattling around in your head. Here are 4 tips for living alone for the first time.

Have fun with decorating

If you have purchased your home rather than renting it, then you can pretty much do whatever you like in terms of decorating. You don’t have to ask anyone for approval or opinion, so have some fun with it. Whether you want to transform your bedroom into a relaxing haven to help you sleep or jazz up your lounge with funky colors and textures, decorating will make your new place feel like home in no time.

Live within your means

It’s important to know what your monthly expenses are and to budget for less regular bills like car servicing or home insurance. If you do have one-off outlays during the year, calculate how much they will cost and divide that number by 12. Put that amount aside each month, so when it’s time to pay those bills, it won’t be an issue. It’s also a good idea to put aside some money each month just in case something unexpected crops up. If you financially plan correctly, you should have no trouble living within your means. 

Think about home security

If you have neighbors, introduce yourself to them. It could come in handy, particularly if you are going on holiday and need someone to check on your home whilst you are away. It’s also nice to have someone you know close by. It is a good idea to give a spare key to a neighbor or friend, but if that isn’t an option, buy a key lockbox. It will provide you with the means to keep a key outside so if you ever get locked out, a spare will be to hand. If you want added security, then consider having smart cameras fitted to the exterior of your home. They work via an app and footage can be recorded so you can have 24-hour surveillance from an outdoor camera, should that be what you require.

Make sure you socialize

After you have been living alone for a few months, you will not only get used to your own company but will enjoy it too. Try to make sure you continue socializing with friends as it is very easy to become a bit of a hermit. Invite friends’ round for drinks or have family around for dinner and to see your latest decorating attempts. Living alone can be very empowering. You will learn new things and do things you never thought you were capable of. Enjoy it and embrace the time you get to spend alone with your thoughts.

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