5 Beauty Brands for Amazing Skincare Ranked

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Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do to make yourself look and feel great. Skincare can be expensive, but it’s vital to your overall health. Instead of using drugstore lotions and non-exfoliating soaps, why not treat yourself this year with products from the best brands?

In 2020, natural products are especially popular, and now there are products for all skin types and desired results. Here are just a few things you can for healthy, glowing skin.

1 – Okana


Let’s start with the best: if you want a bit of everything, go with the Okana Facial Range Box Set. With all natural based ingredients, the multi-pack has everything you need to give your face the treatment it deserves. In the box, there is everything from cleansers to facial scrub to moisturizer, which are all the basic necessities for face care. 

All of the products are vegan and fruit based, so everything is all natural. Okana has other great vegan skincare products too, which can be found on its website, at

2 – Tatcha 

Tatcha is a brand that is especially beloved by online beauty gurus and makeup artists. In the Bestsellers gift set, you can get a sample of all of the best things Tatcha has to offer. The most popular product, the Water Cream, is part of this set. It also includes a cleanser, a skin mist, and a silk canvas primer to help makeup last longer while protecting your face. Try Tatcha for yourself before and after a night out and see what a difference it makes in your make up routine.

3 – Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu is a household name for stubborn skin issues, such as acne or dry skin. One of the popular items from this brand is rose water, which is very hydrating and nourishing for your skin.

One of the best deals you can get for a set of Badescu products is the Spritz. Mist. Glow. Set. It includes the rose water formula he is known for. The other two sprays are a cucumber/green tea combo and a chamomile and lavender combo. Each spray serves its own purpose, but all are crafted to hydrate, energize, and soothe your skin. 

4 – Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees isn’t only for chapstick. Although its naturally sourced lip balm is what they are best known for, they have other facial care products, too. For a little taste of everything, try the Essentials gift set. This includes its famous lip balm, some hand and body lotions, a foot cream, and a cleansing cream. The brand uses only the best natural extracts and oils in its products, and they are especially helpful in colder areas to protect from the dry winter air.

5 – Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is known for its price tag, but its products do speak for themselves. The Midi Committee is a collection of its most popular products. This way, you can let yourself experience what the brand is known for without the high prices of full size bottles. Then, if you choose, you can search out the specific items you want in full size.


Skincare can be a daunting field to navigate, considering how many brands and products are out there. Many drugstore brands contain harmful chemicals that can make your skin dry or cause breakouts. The brands listed here use natural products, and most are vegan and cruelty-free. Spend a little extra on your skincare and see just how happy you’ll be when your skin has that healthy glow.


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