5 Top Podcasts For Marketing Hacks

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Brands are more than aware that marketing requires constant attention. Never get too comfortable with your current strategy because techniques and technology evolve at a rapid pace. To keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest from the marketing world, have a listen to these five top podcasts.

1 . The Science Of Social Media 

The science of social media brings you all the latest trends, insights, and motivation to perfect your social media strategy. The podcast is brought to you by Buffer, a popular company that offer a social media management platform. Whether you fly solo with your brand or you’ve got a mid-sized team behind you, this podcast offers a plethora of actionable insights that you won’t want to miss. Themes explored during episodes of The SOSM include deciding the right time to post; how the Instagram algorithm works; the future of social commerce; custom audiences for ads, and more.

  1. Marketing School

Episodes of Marketing School, offer you the wisdom and expertise of Eric Siu and Neil Patel. For all of the most current insights into email marketing, social media, SEO, and content, this podcast has got you covered. Tune in and hear all about the eCommerce trends for this year along with SaaS trends, lessons from Adobe, and ranking for difficult SEO head terms. You’ll learn how to make things happen with a small team and the truth about podcast ads.

  1. Online Marketing Made Easy

In this delightful podcast, Amy Porterfield is here to answer all of your burning questions. Want to know how to develop an online business? Looking for the secret to getting thousands of subscribers? If so, grab a cup of coffee and a notebook and get ready to learn how. Episodes will help you to take action on top effective strategies. Amy covers it all from automation to scaling. Each week she interviews inspirational entrepreneurs; their stories of challenge and success will motivate you to get the ball rolling. Learn about the best software tools and how to wave goodbye to the dreaded imposter syndrome.

  1. The Strategy Hour Podcast

Emylee Williams and Abigail Pumphrey of Think Creative Collective are the brains behind this amazingly insightful podcast. Here you’ll find an array of detailed interviews and uncover strategies that you can put to good use within your company. A huge range of useful topics are covered, including social media, affiliate marketing, outsourcing, and email automation. Come and learn the tricks to creating high-converting copy and how to increase engagement on your Instagram.

  1. Indie Hackers

In this weekly podcast, Courtland Allen brings you the stories of individuals who’ve turned their side projects into profitable online companies. Listen in and get some powerful inspiration from the indie hackers who’ve managed to escape the 9-5. You’ll learn about passive income techniques, bootstrapping, marketing trends, and more. These stories help us to learn about the difficulties as well as the positive aspects of the entrepreneurial world.

Marketing is a continually evolving industry, which is why entrepreneurs need to prioritize staying current. The marketing decisions that you make today will drastically affect your future sales. Allow technology to aid you as much as possible, whether it’s a move to make QR code for packaging or to incorporate VR into app features. The consumer expects ever unique and engaging options to enhance their experiences with products.


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