6 Signs You’re Ready For A Life Change

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It can be scary to change things in life when you’ve been used to the way things have always been. The thing is, without change, we cannot grow and without growth, we cannot become better people who are striving for something big. It’s hard to figure it out – what you want to do and where you want to be – but unless you try and you explore your wants and needs, you’re never going to get what you need to make that all-important change in life.

You could be a hot shot CEO who is so burnt out that a career that takes you outdoors is something for which you yearn. You can discover more here about what you need to know for that, but it’s an excellent example of the type of change that you can make. So, how do you know that you’re truly ready for a change in life? Well, let’s take a look. Whether the change you want to make is in your career or in your personal life, you have to know that you are ready. Let’s go!

  • You have no motivation

We all have something that makes us strive for better. We have passions and goals and we have our wants and needs. The one thing that should tell you that you are ready for a change is that your get up and go has got up and gone. Your career is feeling boring and stagnant. Your personal life is “meh”. You haven’t got the motivation to keep going down the same routes and through the same routines. 

  • You find yourself feeling unhappy

Every day, you notice that you cannot ignore the unhappiness you feel. Plenty of things in life can be draining as much as they give to you – from your job to your marriage. Identify what it is that triggers the unhappy feelings and work on reducing those things in your life. 

  • Your circle is changing

We all grow and sometimes, we outgrow the people around us. Those you surround yourself with reflect back on you and you want to ensure that those people are happy for your growth.

  • Boredom strikes

If your career isn’t making you feel good, if your relationship is making you feel restless, or you simply just feel bored, you need change. Life changes on a dime and you want to make sure you’re going with it not against it. If you don’t feel challenged, find what challenges you instead!

  • Feeling stressed?

Stress usually tells us we are ready for change, as stress triggers the fight or flight reflex. Try not to make this big change decision based on feeling stressed, wait until you feel calm – that way, you know you’re doing the right thing!

  • You feel afraid

You should figure out what your fear is doing for you and how it’s driving you. Some people feed on fear and it pushes them to do well. Others cannot manage to do much beyond feel the fear of loss and making the wrong choice. Instead, use it. Explore the fear and figure it out as to what makes you tick.

If this list has made you realize it’s time for a change, go and grab that change with both hands!

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