7 Simple Tips To Improve Employee Morale

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Maintaining employee morale is key to running a successful team and business, but there are plenty of reasons why positivity might falter over time.

Here are a few effective tips for boosting morale amongst members of staff that won’t have you tearing your hair out in the process.

Invest in high quality treats

Snacking and socializing is an important part of office culture, and you can definitely put a spring in the step of your employees if you give them access to munchables and beverages that are delicious, ethically sourced and healthy.

You can stock up on snacks and drinks by using a subscription service, such as the office coffee delivery service by SnackNation, to eliminate all the hassle.

Ask for feedback

Employee disgruntlement can come about for various reasons, but unless you know why morale is flagging, you will not be able to fix the situation.

Soliciting feedback from team members will let you address any underlying issues that you might not be aware of, and could improve your business. Feedback can be given directly, or you can rely on anonymous methods.

Celebrate successes

Employees will feel valued if you make a point of praising them when they deserve recognition for something they have achieved.

There are plenty of ways to deliver praise, from face-to-face meetings to social media posts that will broadcast the celebration to a wider audience.

Small perks make a big difference

Startups and small businesses might not have the budget to justify extravagant employee benefits, but little things can go a long way to improving morale. Whether you offer monthly yoga classes or discounts at local eateries, there are many desirable benefits that will not break the bank.

Prove that advancement is possible

Employees will be more motivated in their roles and more committed to a business if they know that they have a way to progress their career within it.

Speak with people to find out what their ambitions are, where they see themselves in the future and work out what you can do to help them realise these goals to make sure their morale is lifted.

Socialise to ensure team bonding

It might seem obvious, but people tend to work better together if they have a social connection with their colleagues and their superiors. This can aid everything from communication and collaboration to teamwork.

Team building exercises are known to be hugely impactful in this respect, although you do not need to go all-out with away days and expensive events on a regular basis; simple things like movie nights, book clubs and sporting activities can all help with bonding.

Mark special occasions

Everyone wants to know that others care about them, and this applies in the workplace as much as it does in the outside world. For business owners and team managers, this means taking the time to recognise employees’ birthdays when they roll around each year so that they know you are engaged with them on a human level, not just as cogs in the corporate machine.

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