A Few Tips Worth Stealing From Street Style

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If you want to look a little cool, feel a little edgy, and blend in with your urban surroundings as you’ve always lived there, then street style is what you need. Also known as street-chic or streetwear, this philosophy is all about embodying the realities of urban city living while looking good. Here, we’ll look at a few tips that can help you embody street chic, or at least take some of the better elements and appropriate them into your own fashion sense.

It’s all about the shoes

One tip you will see from anyone talking about street style is that you need, need, need a great pair of kicks. There’s an extra level of respect for street style shoes for one reason about all else: it’s the aspect of the style that has been most elevated and accepted by not only popular culture at large, but also by high fashion. Sneakers became something that everyone could wear, and soon high fashion designers started taking an interest. However, many of the most prized sneaker designers are still the ones who helped this kind of shoe rise to prominence. Sneakers aren’t the only shoe in street style, of course, but having a few decent pairs of them can certainly help.

Add some substance to your staples

Street style is, in part, about taking the kind of wear you would find anywhere in the city and raising it up to a new level. Some of the most commonly seen street style staples evolved from street sports such as skateboarding. As such, things like hoodies, trainers, and cargo pants are everywhere to be seen. However, modern street style is more of an homage to these, swapping out their rough practical fabrics for more aesthetically premium ones. For instance, a good cashmere sweater can carry you a long way. It might seem a little disingenuous, but street style is just as much about the simulacrum, what your clothes represent, like any other kind of fashion movement

Brands matter: a lot

Let’s be honest, when it comes to most kinds of fashion, brands are important. For better or worse, whether overinflated or given the respect they deserve, people pay attention to the label. In street fashion, brands like Nike, Yeezy, Stussy, and Champion have earned a certain prestige, and wearing their label lends some legitimacy to the style. However, Supreme clothing is not cheap. The prestige street brands tend to pride exclusivity and often you have to be amongst the enthusiasts to cop them before anyone else. There are, however, boutiques that specialize in collecting and selling them to the layman, so don’t despair if you miss the launch of the latest line.

But don’t overbrand yourself

This is a tip that is especially suited for those who are a little older than the average streetwear user: from those in their early thirties to beyond. Having a brand logo or graphic as a subtle signifier peeking out of your outfit is a-okay. However, if you start plastering yourself with logos, it can quickly go from chic to cringe. Getting caught up in the same kind of hype as the younger wearers aren’t going to work for people of a higher age. That kind of enthusiasm is all healthy and good for exuberant youngsters, but as you get a little older, composure and cool becomes a much more inviting look. Stick to what works for you, don’t try to make your style too obvious.

Don’t be afraid to look lived in

As mentioned, modern streetwear is, in large part, more of an offshoot of street sportswear than a real representation. Practical designs are being given the premium spin for the perfect mix of authenticity and fashion. However, while you might look for gorgeous, luxuriant fabrics for your sweater, there’s one garment in particular that you shouldn’t be afraid to stress out. We’re talking, of course, about your jeans. Denim is the foundation of a good street style wardrobe, and you don’t need to go too extra with them. A good pair of jeans should be able to last you through the week and from outfit to outfit without looking anything other than casual, and it’s better if they look a little lived in too.

Your signature is important

Another important element of street style is personalization. It’s part of why exclusivity in branding is such a big deal. If you’re wearing a pair of kicks that you don’t see anyone else wearing, then you’ve got a good thing going on. As such, having a signature accessory is a good idea, as well. From a bright Stussy beanie that stands out from a more restrained outfit to a jeweled belt on a long coat for women, your accessory should stand out from your outfit and be very much an inspired, personal choice. It’s a good way to leave an individual mark on the style, while sticking true to the fundamentals. Find your signature accessory and try it out with a bunch of your outfits.

Cap it off

Hats, just like sneakers, are one of the elements of the street style that made it off the streets to spread to the rest of the world. For that reason, they’re another venerated and respected choice. The high fashion world has been dragged kicking and screaming into accepting baseball caps and nowadays they can be worn to add a little streetwear cred to all kinds of outfits. You can even pair a baseball cap with a fitted blazer to master the smart casual look without looking a little too urbane. The cap is your way of keeping just about any outfit casual.

The tips above will help you get to grips with the elements of what makes street-chic so potent. However, anyone who’s in the street style world will tell you it’s about more than your fashion choices, it’s about attitude and confidence as well. You’re on your own when it comes to mastering that.

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