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Creative Hobbies to Make You Money

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If you’re a creative person, your hobby doesn’t have to just be for fun. There are some fantastic ways to monetize just about any skill these days, and as a creative, what you’re able to do will likely always be in demand. Here are some ideas. 


If you’re a keen writer then you’re always going to be able to make money online. There are lots of ways you practice your craft and make money in the process such as writing and monetizing a blog, self publishing an ebook, you could even do some part time work as a freelance writer. This gives you the chance to work on different projects while earning some cash too and can be fun if you’re into writing. 

Wood or Metal Work

You could turn wood on a lathe or put your joinery skills to the test, creating everything from picnic benches to wooden birdhouses. If metal is your material of choice, you could set up your own forge. You’ll need equipment like an anvil, some blowtorches and power tools and from there you will be able to make some incredible creations with metal. Etsy is a great place to sell these kinds of homemade items. Otherwise you could set up a virtual payment service and sell directly from your own website. 


Are you a passionate musician? Maybe you’re a pianist, a guitarist or a singer? Music doesn’t have to be all traditional instruments, you could use computer software and produce music or create tracks online. If you create something that people love, it might even get picked up to be used somewhere on tv, radio or online. Businesses always need background music, jingles and much more. 


People are always in need of cakes for things like birthdays, weddings, christenings and more so you have plenty of opportunity to earn cash doing what you love. As well as tasty cakes you will need to be able to beautifully decorate them. There are plenty of classes where you can learn different piping and fondant decorating techniques such as flowers and other designs that would bring your creations to life. 


There are surprisingly lots of ways you can make money with gardening. You could propagate seedlings or start an organic garden market. You could even grow your own ingredients and then turn these into things like jams, pickles and chutneys which can be sold at markets. You could create a herb garden, or plant fruit trees at the bottom of your garden and use these things to either sell directly or make products from them. 


If you’re really into capturing the beauty in the world, why not invest in a DSLR professional camera? These give you the ability to control the shots you take and mean you can capture some stunning photos with your own personal creative spin. If you’re already a keen photographer with lots of snaps that you’re not sure what to do with, there are plenty of sites you can sell their work these days such as Shutterstock where you get paid a small amount of money every time someone downloads your image.

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