Fuel & Fire: 7 Common Propane Uses Everyone Should Know About

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Wondering what propane is used for? As it turns out, a lot! Read on to find out about 7 propane uses that make it such an efficient fuel.

Propane has been used as an energy source for more than a century. However, it’s only today that people are tapping into propane’s potential as the fuel of the future.

We’re all concerned about the well-being of the planet. Even the world’s richest man is joining the green revolution. As a clean, safe, and efficient fuel, propane is becoming the low carbon footprint option for various applications.

Let’s see what’s cooking and look at seven common propane uses for your home or business.

1. Home and Outdoor Cooking

Many people, especially chefs, prefer cooking with propane. Gas cooking provides instant and precise control of heat to create a delicious meal.

Propane is also perfect for outdoor cooking because of its portability. Grills and barbecues are a more pleasant experience because it releases less carbon monoxide and soot.

2. Home Heating

Furnaces powered by propane are more energy-efficient than their electric or oil counterparts. You can feel toasty in every corner of your house because of the consistent heat that it can deliver.

With different propane tank sizes to choose from, it can provide heat for different homes, from a small cabin or a large mansion.

3. Backup Power

Storms and power outages can be a scary ordeal if you don’t have a backup source of electricity. 

Propane is more reliable than gasoline or diesel as fuel for generators because it doesn’t degrade over time. You can depend on it to start whenever you need it to.

Even in the harshest weather conditions, your family will feel safe and protected knowing that a trusty backup is in place.

4. School Buses

Did you know that propane gets your kids to school? Districts have adopted propane autogas because it’s cheaper, cleaner, and quieter than diesel.

Because schools spend less on fuel, your kids can benefit from the extra funding. It can be used for school resources that have a bigger impact on your children’s education.

5. Propane Uses in Agriculture

Aside from powering up different types of farm equipment, there are plenty of uses of propane in agriculture. One of its important application is in drying grains, such as wheat, rye, or barley. It’s also used to sterilize milk equipment, ripen fruit, and to provide heat for chickens in their coops.

6. Industrial Uses

For material handling, propane-fueled forklifts are a cost-effective choice for your warehouse. Of course, it can also power up a variety of vehicles and machinery used in different industries.

Propane is also used in the production of plastics, solvents, synthetic rubber, and aerosol propellants.

7. For Recreation

Are you a fan of golf? Then you might appreciate that propane is used for the lawnmowers that maintain the grass around all eighteen holes. If you like skating and hockey, Zambonis are also powered by propane.

Also, don’t forget about hot air balloons! The burners used to make these leisure carriages rise up in the air are fueled by propane.

The Fuel of the Future

It’s exciting how this previously overlooked fuel is now shaping the future. With its versatility and green reputation, there are more propane uses to discover that should guide us in a new, cleaner direction.

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