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Go Behind the Scenes of Politics With a Master’s Degree in Political Management

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When America became a country, in 1776, it was to be known as a free republic. Meaning that the people voted on leaders, who in turn voted on laws and legislations, and then put them into action. As a free country, America has seen generation after generation devote time and energy into continuing this great nation. Today, politics is so much more than just the main two political parties, democratic and republican, it is also libertarians, independents and others. 

The importance of politics can never fully be stated, in fact, politics is the very glue that holds America together. And, in order for America to grow, there must be a continuance from each generation, to keep the country alive. The best way to do that is to inspire the youth and young adults of this nation to find a career working in politics. One way to start your career in politics is to earn a master’s degree in political management. So relax, and take a few minutes, to see what you can do with this American degree.

What Does a Political Management Degree Look Like?

To be clear, a political management degree is not the same as a degree in political science. While the two programs do cover similar topics, such as elections, lobbying, advocacy, etc., there is one very stark difference. Political science teaches you how to interpret these subjects and political management enables you to set these subjects into action. 

If you are looking to go into the field of politics as a career, then this is a perfect master’s program for you to choose. While studying, you will learn the ins and outs of life on the campaign trail, how to properly and legally lobby, as well as improve your ethical and interpersonal communication skills.

What Can I do With a Political Management Degree?

There are endless opportunities for post-graduate students who hold a master’s in political management. Here are just a few of the available job fields:

  • Campaign Managers
  • Campaign Consultants
  • Elected Officials
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Executives

This is an abridged list, to say the least, yet the point is still made. There are many roles in politics that need young professionals to fill them. With politics being the backbone of America, you can rest assured that there will be a job waiting for you after graduation.

If you choose to work in campaign management, then you can expect an average salary of around $95,000 (for salary information, you can click here). With the variety of jobs also comes a variety of salaries. 

Where do I Begin?

The very first step is to enroll in a political management degree program. Schools like The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management, offer both residential and online master’s programs. Here you can earn a degree in legislation, political affairs, campaign management, and more. 

The greatest way to ensure that America keeps on thriving, is by having fresh new perspectives coming from the next generation. America is waiting for you, are you ready?



Stephanie Piccinich is a graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors in English Language & Literature, and a MAT in Elementary Education. Duringher college years, she was a member of the on-campus Knightscapes Literary Magazine. She hopes you enjoy reading her articles just as much as she enjoys writing them.

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