How To Become A Successful Jewelry Influencer In 2020

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Do you love talking about and wearing the latest jewelry? Perhaps you could make a career or some extra money with your passion. We live in the internet age where everyone can use their passion, talent or skills to make money. Influencers have become part of modern life, but what does it take to become one?

Here are five things you can do to become an Instagram jewelry influencer in 2020


  • A Genuine Passion for Jewelry and Fashion


It’s possible to fake it until you make, but why spend so much time doing something you don’t enjoy? The best and most successful influencers rarely treat their online activity as a regular job. Instead, they use their passion and drive to make something out of nothing. A good influencer must feel natural and spontaneous to their followers. 

It would really help if you were passionate about jewelry to become a successful jewelry influencer. You probably should know how many carats make a gram off the head, that silver infinity ring every woman must have in her collection etc. You should be the type of person that can tell which necklace Natalie Portman wore to her latest red-carpet appearance.


  • Willing to Dig Deep and Find Unique Jewelry  


Every woman loves to have bits of her favorite jewelry that can match her mood, style, or occasion. However, there are times when you need that particular pendant gem or necklace that everyone is talking about. That’s why Influencers and bloggers spend their quality time finding and showing off those unique pieces for the rest of us to admire and add to our wish lists. 

Some of the top influencers showcase interesting, never seen before jewelry in their social media posts. You have to be ready to go hunting for unique pieces in online and offline auctions, events, pawnshops and other places. This way you will be adding some value to your followers and boosting engagements on your platforms.


  • Top-Notch Photography and Editing Skills (Or Hire A Pro)


In the early 2000s, it was forgivable to use low-quality images and videos on your website and still make money.  That’s not the case today as advances in telecommunications have changes the internet a lot. Being an influencer means being able to create near-perfect or perfect online assets for all to see. 

You could decide to hire a pro and concentrate on your passion- i.e., jewelry, or take a class in modern photography. This depends on your budget and skills with the camera and editing software. You may get away with a few low-quality posts especially vlogs but having a solid, high-quality content strategy is a must.


  • Put Your Marketing Skills to Use


Everyone has some innate ability to persuade others to their point of view. Aristotle put the ability to persuade to three distinct persuasion appeals that anyone can use: logos, pathos, and ethos. Ok, maybe you thought philosophers have nothing to do with marketing, but Aristotle’s persuasion appeals might come in handy if you want to be an influencer.

Pathos involves using emotion to persuade, and ethos means using your authority and influence on the topic- jewelry – to persuade while ethos involves using facts as a persuasion tool. You can now appreciate the importance of putting your marketing skills (persuasion) to become a successful influencer. 

An influencer is just a modern version of a marketer. You must be ready to use your marketing skills to influence people into liking or buying what you use or recommend to them. Some understanding of digital marketing might be useful, too unless you prefer to outsource the technical tasks to a VA.

The Bottomline

You can make a career out of sharing your passion with like-minded people as an influencer. With the right approach, drive, and planning, you will join many other influencers who’ve successfully built their online empires. All the best!


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