How to choose the perfect wedding dress

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Whether it’s a huge event or a tiny affair, there’s a lot that goes into organising a wedding – and one of the key pieces of the wedding-planning puzzle is finding the ‘perfect’ dress. In fact, there is so much emphasis placed on getting the dress right that brides are beginning to revolt and go for less traditional options

Wherever you fall when it comes to choosing your own dress, from being a white gown-only bride to being open to trying something different, there’s plenty to consider before you buy the one for your big day. If you’re trying to work out where to begin, here’s a guide to help you whittle down the possibilities.   

Do your research 

Take some time to work out what your favourite dresses look like. Save the ones you like to Pinterest, look at the range of your preferred styles online and in magazines, and build up your collection. 

From there, you can work out where there’s a theme. You might have a file filled with dresses with sweetheart necklines or lace details. This will give you an idea of the dress you’re looking for. 

Expect the unexpected

Go in with an open mind and try styles that you wouldn’t usually wear. Even though you’ve researched your dress, when you visit the bridal boutique you might find that the one you had in mind isn’t quite right when you try it on. Or you might find a perfect dress which is the polar opposite of the one you’d originally loved. 

Book your appointment early 

By taking the earlier appointment in the bridal store you are more likely to have the space to yourself. And it also means you’re more likely to have attentive staff who are ready to offer their insights and haven’t spent the day having similar conversations with other brides. 

Be realistic about dress size

Wedding dresses are sized very differently to typical clothing, so expect to be told you need a dress size that’s not the one you usually wear. This is something that happens across all bridalwear, so if you feel disheartened about the sizing being dramatically different, keep it in mind that this is a standard way for wedding dresses to be measured up.  

Also, make sure you stay close to your current size. If you decide to lose weight before your day, it’s relatively straightforward to take the gown in, but if you put weight on, it’s more difficult to make a dress bigger.

Timing is everything

Getting the timing right is key. Bridal dresses can take a while to make, so shop for yours as much as nine months before the day to allow for it to be created and to leave time for any alterations. 

Avoid shopping earlier than this, however. What’s in fashion now could be passé by the time your wedding day comes around. This leads to the next point… 

Avoid shopping the trends

As well as things falling out of fashion after a while, if you stick rigidly to shopping what’s trending in the bridal gown world, you could find that you are opting for something that doesn’t quite suit you. While there are some truly beautiful gowns that come into fashion each year, they aren’t for everyone. 

Of course, if you feel comfortable in an on-trend gown, then absolutely go for it.

Stick to your budget

These dresses often come with a hefty price tag, so it’s important that you account for this expense and factor it into your wedding planning budget. If you find a gown that you adore but it doesn’t fit your finances, you can try searching for dressmakers that could create something similar for a better price, or shop for similar styles. 


While there’s much to consider, there’s also lots to enjoy about this part of the wedding planning process. This is your special day; take the time to find something that makes you feel special. 

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