How to Create the Perfect Photo Wedding Invitations with Mixbook

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We all want the perfect wedding, and part of that is being surrounded by our friends, family, and other favorite people.

When they open the envelope containing their invitation to your wedding, you’re giving your loved ones their first glimpse into your big day, so it’s important that your invites communicate the right things.

Thankfully, by following our tips, you can create a set of invitations that will catch the eye and be something that people will keep and treasure forever.

Knowing your wedding style

Everyone’s wedding is different, and this is your first opportunity to give people a glance into the type of day you’re throwing.

Different designs, size, shape, color, choice of words can all give hints about your expectations. For example, a casual, modern wedding is going to have a completely different vibe to a formal, more traditional style.

One of the best ways to show people how your day is going to be is to choose one or more key photos for your invitations.

A photo of you, as the happy couple, gets people in the wedding mood, and you could also show off the venue, or play up your theme. The choices are almost endless!

Make sure it’s meaningful

There are two aspects to your invitation that people are going to look at.

The pictures, and the words.

So make sure both have the impact and give off the emotions, you want.

Most of the time, no matter how you’re planning your wedding, it’s best to fall back on a tradition for things like invitations.

So take the time here to spell out who is hosting, where the event will be held, the time and date, and any other expectations you have. Also, don’t forget to ask for an RSVP. It might sound silly, but simply asking makes it much more likely that they’ll send it back and you won’t have to follow up to make sure that people are coming.

Do it early

Getting your photo wedding invitations completed and sent out early has so many benefits, so it should be near the top of your priority list.

Not only does it get it off your plate, and let you relax about at least that one thing, but it also gives people a lot of time to free up their schedules and make sure they come. Plus, if the worst happens and people can’t come, it gives you time to play with tables, and maybe consider inviting someone else to fill the gap.

But if the worst comes to the worst, can deliver in just a few days, so if your invites slip your mind, you can get them out ASAP and make sure that everyone still shows.

Every wedding takes an awful lot of work to get right. You deserve the perfect day, so why not step back and take the pressure off your invitations, at least. A site like has the perfect selection of easy templates and tools so you can end up with the perfect invites, and gets you one step closer to your dream day.

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