How to Take Long Bus Trips Like a Pro

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You’re about to embark on a long bus trip. You’re excited, but you also don’t know what to bring or what the bus offers. First things first, you should go on the bus’ website to see what services are provided, such as free WiFi. And always remember, the key to long bus rides is being comfortable. Here’s how you can take a long bus trip like a pro.

Pack a Blanket and Pillow

While you don’t want to overpack and cramp your own personal space with every item you own, packing a blanket and pillow is how you win a long bus trip. It can get cold on a bus and your neck can only take a certain position for so long. A neck pillow is ideal as it’s smaller than a normal pillow, creating more space, yet it will protect your neck if you happen to snooze. The last thing you want is to freeze on a bus that has hours left or wake up from slumber with neck pain.

Get Your Music Ready

Long trips go by so much faster when you have a good playlist at your disposal. Before embarking, make sure you create your playlists as you never know how good (or bad) the internet connection is going to be, whether there’s WiFi on your bus or you have to rely on your phone’s data.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure your phone and Bluetooth headphones with mic are charged, especially if your bus doesn’t have outlets. One of the worst (non-life threatening) occurrences that can happen on a long road trip is when you create the perfect playlist. . . but your headphones don’t have any juice. Music is going to play a big role on your trip as it can help to pass time and can also be therapeutic.

Pack Snacks and Drinks

While your bus might make scheduled stops, you never know when you’re going to get hungry or thirsty. Packing snacks and drinks (ideally, a water bottle) is the most clutch decision you can make, especially if your bus gets stranded and has to wait for help.


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Bring Entertainment

On top of the music, you’ll want to bring other forms of entertainment to help pass the time. We recommend a book or downloading movies/shows on a tablet or laptop before you get on the bus. Of course, if WiFi is available, then that opens up the internet on your laptop, computer, or phone, giving you an endless amount of options.

We also encourage bus-goers to check out freetrials.com for popular online services that can come in handy on a long trip, such as Disney+, Prime Video, and many other options. After all, a long bus trip is the perfect time to discover these free trials as you have free time and nowhere else to be.


Yes, you’re going to be on a bus, but the sun can still get in and affect your vision. The health benefits of sunglasses are well-documented and sunglasses can also help you better see the views along your journey as well as your screens. Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement—they’re essential when daylight is present.

Take advantage of Rest Stops

Whether you have to use the restroom or not, you should take advantage of the rest stops as a bus driver will only stop during scheduled times (unless there’s an emergency). Even if you absolutely don’t have to use the restroom, these designated stops provide a good opportunity to get up and stretch your legs. And while no one wants to think another person would steal their belongings, make sure to keep your valuables close during a long bus trip when and if you get off the bus.

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