Is Hemp Bombs CBD Oil a Good Choice?

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There are many CBD products on the market now that it has become a legally available product, so how do you know which one to use? The first thing to do is look for respected brands that get continually high customer testimonies, and then read any reviews of the product you can find. What you do need to ensure is that your chosen product is from a licensed grower or manufacturer and is made within the legal guidelines that are in place for CBD products.

In short, all CBD products must be made from industrial hemp and must contain only traces of THC. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis – if you’re looking for a legal high, CBD oil is not it! What it is, is a relaxant that has helped many people with anxiety and depression, with sleeping properly, and in many instances where people suffer from chronic pain. To help you understand what to look for, we’ve taken a close look at one of the top-selling brands, known as Hemp Bombs.

About Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

One of the reasons that we chose to look at Hemp Bombs CBD Oil is because it ticks a lot of the boxes when it comes to what you need to look for. We’re keeping things brief here, but if you want a more in-depth review go to, where you will find a comprehensive description. 

Is Hemp Bombs a good choice? Let’s start by looking at the positive aspects of the product. Remember, this is a very competitive market – CBD and cannabis products are a booming market right now, and many new brands come into play on a regular basis – so knowing what to look for can be very useful. What should you look for? Here’s a checklist for you:

What is it made from – is it industrial hemp? Is this made clear?

What level of quality testing is it put through? Is it a 3rd party tested?

Are there any personal testimonies you can refer to?

Is the full product spectrum or otherwise?

Is the brand the manufacturer?

The above are all important questions, and in the case of Hemp Bombs, all but one can be answered with a resounding yes. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil – which is just one product in their range – is made from 100% certified industrial hemp; they have details of 3rd party testing for quality and purity for you to look at; it’s made in-house, and you will find personal testimony if you read reviews. 

However, the downside is that Hemp Bombs is not full-spectrum, but what does this mean?

What is Full Spectrum CBD

CBD – cannabidiol – is a compound of the cannabis plant, of which industrial hemp is a strain. There are many other compounds – some of which are also being researched for medicinal purposes – which, when combined with CBD, can help have a beneficial effect. A ‘full spectrum’ CBD product is one that is prepared in such as way that all of the beneficial cannabinoids are present, except for THC. Many users say that full-spectrum CBD is the way to go, while others are happy not to go down that route.

That Hemp Bombs CBD Oil is not a full spectrum product will certainly be a negative for some people, but we would suggest trying both this and a full spectrum product to see if you can tell the difference. This is a popular product and has a strong following, so it is certainly doing the job for a good number of satisfied customers.

Our Conclusion

Is Hemp Bombs CBD Oil the one for you? As we said, it ticks all the right boxes up to the point when we discover it’s not a full spectrum product, but that might not be of importance to you. It is a certified product, and the maker is clear and open about where it comes and from and the ingredients involved, and it does come with the added assurance of 3rd-party quality testing. Plus, we like the fact it is made in-house. If there’s one other downside, it’s that Hemp Bombs CBD Oil is perhaps a bit more expensive than some other brands, but we recommend you try it.


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