Taking Your Sexual Health Seriously

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Sexual health is a taboo subject in most circles. Many people feel unable to discuss any issues that they have with anybody, even a healthcare professional! However, it’s so important that you can make an effort to take your sexual health seriously, as both your physical and mental wellbeing are at stake. It’s time that society dropped the cloud of silence to start a much needed discussion about how to care for yourself before, during and after intercourse, so that the number of sexual infections and illnesses encountered can start to decrease. If you’re ready to face the taboo head on for the sake of your health, then read on to find out just how simple it can be to promote positive sexual hygiene.

The Importance Of Consent

The most important feature of any sexual relationship is consent. Without consent, you simply cannot pursue any kind of advances no matter what, and this must be reciprocated too. Falling victim to a non-consenting sexual experience can have such a devastating impact on a person’s mental wellbeing, and this is exactly why it’s so vital that you can base all of your relationships on the basis that both you and your partner(s) are completely comfortable at all times. If you ever feel as though you have been made to perform a sexual act against your own will as you have not provided full consent you must gain the confidence to report the perpetrator, even if that person is your long term partner. It simply isn’t acceptable in any form to be made to have a sexual relationship when you do not truly want it to happen, so society must come together to spread the message of consent and dish out punishments to those who disregard the law. 

Make Safe Sex Fun

There are several different features you can make the most of to keep yourself safe during sexual intercourse, including the most obvious act of making use of protection such as condoms. Condoms can sometimes take away some of the buzz of engaging in a sexual relationship, but there are other products like lubrication and gels that can encourage the experience to advance whilst still allowing you to stay safe. Always create a safe word that you and your partner can use if the session is causing discomfort or pain, and be sure that you can be completely open and honest throughout. It’s a good idea for women to go to the bathroom after sex, as it’s said to help flush out any bacteria that’s picked up during intercourse. 

It’s time that society took sexual health seriously, and by making the most of the information above you can ensure that you can do just that. Before you even think about engaging in a sexual relationship, ensure that full consent is given from both sides to ensure each party is completely comfortable and ready. Always use protection when engaging in intercourse with short term partners, and utilize lube and other products to keep safe sex fun. 


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