The Shocking Truth About Where Your Taxes Go

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We’d all like to believe that the government takes our money and puts it to good use, spending it on things that benefit our society. Most people think that the state is a necessary part of life – something we depend upon to keep us safe and provide essential services.

But with such power comes the possibility for corruption and abuse. People who are allowed by law to take the money of citizens and spend it on their priorities are inevitably going to face temptation.

Public-private partnerships have an excellent public image. For most people, the idea of the state and private sector companies working together seems like a great idea. But when you peel back the curtain, you soon find something startling indeed. So-called public-private partnerships are little more than the transfer of taxpayer funds to government contractors. In other words, the government taxes some private citizens and businesses to pay others.

Viewed in this light, you can immediately see the potential for abuse. Furthermore, you can see how government spending could effectively shape the economy. Imagine, for instance, if less tax money went to the military-industrial complex. Think about how much smaller it would be.

The following infographic shows where the majority of tax money goes as it flows out of the federal government. The state spends a considerable amount on traditional public goods, such as justice and defense. But it is also lining the pockets of private companies in the transportation, energy, and healthcare sectors. Read on to find out more.

Infographic by Lawsuit Legal


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