Three Key Tips For Classic Sustainable Style

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More of us than ever are changing the way we approach style. Growing tired of the financial and ecological impact of the never-ending merry-go-round of trends and fast fashion, more of us than ever are growing increasingly conscious of the impact of what we wear. And while for some, the route lies in following sustainable fashion brands, for others it appeals to understand and appreciate clothes more – buying less but better quality and opting for classic pieces which have wear-now-love-forever appeal. So if you want to transition your wardrobe into something more timeless, and embrace classic styling that makes you look and feel good, how do you begin the transformation?

Never Buy For One Occasion

Most of us are guilty of buying an outfit, a dress, or even a pair of shoes for one particular event – that little sequinned number for New Year’s Eve maybe, or the ensemble for a friend’s wedding – but that is a bad fashion practice which needs to stop when you aim for classic, sustainable style. We’ve gotten into a mindset where an event doesn’t feel complete unless we have something new to wear, and breaking that is one of the keys to becoming truly chic. There is now even a whole new #reworn movement on Instagram which celebrates wearing favourite pieces in many different ways. Look for versatility in the pieces you do buy, and aim for a range of classic basics which can be styled for different occasions and dressed up or down using accessories. There’s not much that you can’t tackle with a chic clutch bag, a classic silk scarf or a pair of ray ban glasses.

Create A Signature Look

What do the most memorable fashion icons have in common? A signature look that you always associate with them. Whether it’s Carine Roitfeld in a leather pencil skirt, or Kate Moss in a floaty tea dress, these iconic looks are way more design than accident. Developing your own style is about discovering the colours that work on your skin tone, the clothes which flatter your body type and the garments which fit your lifestyle and weaving them all together into a daily uniform. The magic of this is that a signature style can never go out of fashion, and it cuts down on a lot of the panic about what to wear everyday. You have the styles that suit you, and you can draw from a bank of pre-chosen outfits that you know will fit and flatter. You don’t have to worry about how to choose shoes that go with your outfits – you already know. If you know what you look good in, then you only have to shop for the gaps in your wardrobe, or for the occasional key update piece rather than starting from scratch each season.

One In One Out

Sometimes we hoard clothes, keeping them even when they don’t fit or don’t suit our lives. This is a big mistake, because we end up with shelves of clothes we can’t wear, which in turn stops us from seeing what we do have. So have a good wardrobe clearout and bag up some charity donations. You can also use the hanger hack to do a wardrobe audit and discover what you really do wear. Your streamlined style will soon be in full sail!


Lauren Bull is a writer living in Jersey City. If you have a minute, she'd love to be the 18th person to tell you how great The Wire is.

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