Top 5 Ways to Make Your Dog Happier

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If you love your pet dog, you’re not alone. Studies show that in the United States alone, there are more than 89 million dogs owned as pets. From providing you with comfort when you’re feeling sad to offering you an incentive to get some exercise even during the cold winter months, there are dozens of reasons that owning a dog can be as beneficial for you as it can for the animal itself. That being said, have you ever thought about the different ways that you can give back to your canine and make them have a better life? Here are the top five ways to make your dog happier.

Let Them Out When They Ask

One of the easiest ways to upset a dog is to ignore it when it needs something from you. If you’re the type of dog owner that doesn’t let your dog out when it barks or scratches at the door, one of the best ways to improve your dog’s happiness is to listen to him or her. If your dog is communicating with you, it probably means that it needs to go to the bathroom or go for a walk. Listen to your animal’s needs if you want to make them happier.

Buy A New Harness

When it comes to walking your dog or taking them on runs, not every harness is created equally. Having the right leash and harness can actually go a long way in improving your pup’s attitude and mood. If you’re in the market for a new harness, the Joyride Harness is very positively reviewed by many dog owners. Available from, this dog harness comes with dozens of accolades, including being veterinarian-approved as well as durable, comfortable, and secure.

Use Pet-Friendly CBD

Did you know that the same benefits that CBD tinctures and other CBD-based products offer humans can be felt by canines as well? Whether you’re feeding your dog a CBD treat regularly in order to mellow them out or are saving them for noisy times of the year like the Fourth of July or during thunderstorms, dogs can get just as much from taking CBD supplements as humans can. Best of all, CBD is totally natural, meaning that it’s a healthy and holistic way to treat your dog and boost their mood without added chemicals.

Make Time For Them Each Day

Beyond letting your dog out when they ask, it’s important that you actually interact with them each day outside of feeding and bathroom time. Playing with your dog, even if it’s no longer a puppy, is an important part of helping them develop and making them feel secure. Whether it’s a game of fetch in the park or wrestling with a chew toy, make sure that you’re interacting with your dog each and every day if you want them to be happy.

See A Vet Regularly

One of the easiest things to forget when your animal seems well is to take them to the vet. That being said, preventative care is vital if you want your dog to have a long and healthy life. Make sure that your dog is staying up-to-date on all of its regularly scheduled shots so that it can stay playful and happy for many years to come.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways that you can improve your dog’s attitude. From making sure that you shower them with love and attention to buying special products that cater to their needs, you never know what’s going to really spark your dog’s joy until you try it out. Keep the above ideas in mind the next time you’re thinking about how you can go the extra mile with your dog, and you may be surprised by the ways that your dog returns the favor and showers you in love.

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