What 2020 Has in Store for Wedding Dress Styles

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Of course, along with all your other planning, now you’re in the market for just the right dress. The search for the perfect dress can be overwhelming. But if you’re a fashion-forward type, here’s a good starting place. You’ll want to look at some of the hottest wedding dress trends of 2020.

Floral Prints are Blooming

Floral prints and spring dresses might sound like the ultimate cliché, but when it comes to 2020 wedding dresses, you’ve never seen a combination like this before. 

Forget about grandma’s old floral curtains or tablecloths. This year’s wedding dress florals feature unexpected pairings of colors against backdrops of white, cream, and silver. Today’s modern bride wants a bit of personality to go with her romance, and if you’re in the market for a floral wedding dress, then you’ll have a wide variety of options to truly express yourself.

Belle of Your Wedding Ball

The full-on pageantry of wedding dresses will never completely go out of style, and for 2020, the wedding gown will resemble something that your favorite international royals would wear. 

Don’t expect this year’s featured gowns to be made from boldly colored fabrics. Quite the opposite – the most majestic wedding gowns will be stark white, alabaster, and even silvery. While they won’t feature the longer-than-life dress train that the beloved Princess Diana wore for her wedding, expect to feel like a modern-day Cinderella dancing with her prince when you opt for a modern wedding gown this year. 

Ruffle the Traditional Norms

Ruffles on a wedding dress are nothing new, but for 2020, expect to see designers give a fresh take and perspective to the traditional ruffle. Don’t worry – you won’t look like a curtain or a tablecloth! You will look like an abstract work of art, or you might find yourself surrounded in a cloud of ruffled mesh that makes you feel that you’re walking through a cloud of gossamer. 

Play Peek-a-boo on Your Special Day

On the opposite end of the majestic royal wedding gown is the translucent, and sometimes transparent, sheer dress. Honoring the modern women’s take on lifestyles, this is the type of dress for the bride who wants to look as if she’s just stepped off the runway. This style is also great for you if you always like to feel a little sexy and edgy, even on your wedding day.

While you might make the concession of wearing white for your wedding, your dress might require that you wear undergarments that strategically cover any areas that aren’t meant for public viewing. Then again, there are transparent dresses that feature lace and design applications to cover up those areas.

But if going fully transparent isn’t for you, then you can take baby steps by purchasing a dress that’s designed with a built-in slip, covered with translucent material. 

Re-live the 80s, 21st Century Style

Puffs that crown narrowly tailored sleeves are having a revival in the fashion space, and wedding dresses are no different in 2020. However, before you wrinkle your nose at the thought of wearing obnoxious, over the top, Dynasty-era power sleeves, you might want to give the 2020 versions a try.  

Today’s puffy sleeves are noticeable, but they’re also more in line for the bride who’s given to artistic and theatrical expression. This detail is the design for you if you’d like to look as if you’re staging a Broadway production, instead of looking like you’re about to devour a boardroom.

Bridal Pantsuits Are Here

Let’s face it — you just might not be the type of woman who enjoys wearing a dress. For women like you in 2020, there’s the bridal pantsuit. You’ll find the traditionally tailored jacket and slim pant in traditionally crisp white. But you could also find your wedding suit in metallic or floral materials, too.

These sophisticated, stylish pantsuits aren’t where the design trend stops, though. How about a full lace catsuit version of the bridal pantsuit? Or how about a bridal pant-jumper ensemble? This choice is an ideal bridal design if you’re aiming to put your personality front and center on your wedding day.

One-shoulder Goddess Looks

Another fashion detail from that is featured in 2020 wedding dresses is the one-shouldered dress. For the 21st century, expect this design feature cut into a wide variety of fabric colors and lines. You’ll see this on long, slimming gowns. But you could also see this on airy, Greek goddess-like dresses that make you look as if you’ve been transported straight from Mt. Olympus. 

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