What We Wish To See From Dating Services/Apps

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In many industries, a good product can be defined by how little you have to use it. For instant, washing-up liquid that lasts longer and requires fewer purchases will generally be regarded as better, and the price can reflect that. In the medical field, we’d like to think that the pharmaceuticals are there to help us avoid the need to take them in the future. Perhaps nothing is as pronounced as this as when related to the dating game.

Most of us have used apps such as Tinder or Happn in recent years, hoping to find someone we can become friends with and spawn a romantic relationship alongside. But it can sometimes feel as though these apps are not there to help us find love as they advertise, but rather to keep us on the swiping carousel, spinning for eternity. The technological pursuit of dating was as inevitable as anything else, but at the same time it does seem to have made things a little more difficult.

The feeling we most wish to experience when using a service like this is to feel as though we are being actively encouraged to get out there and find someone, ultimately making the platform useless. This way we can find confidence in knowing that matches are being presented to us as well as possible, or that the filters we set are honored, or that our privacy and sovereignty is being respected even after people swipe on our images.

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