Would You Suit Life In The Big Apple?

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Life in the big apple is definitely one to be adored. Some of you might be adoring it from afar if you know the big city isn’t for you. It might not be for you to live in, but that still doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to be somewhere that you absolutely adore. The buzz of New York is undeniably electric. The rush of conversations, buzzing of technology, the beeping of the cars and taxis. You could get swept up in a minute if you walked during a busy hour. But that’s what makes New York so good to us. There is such a big mix of people when you go there. You’ve got tourists from all over the world, speaking all different languages. The culture that they bring to this great city, and the culture that New York has is just amazing. That’s just touching the surface of what it is like to be in New York, so we hope that one day you get to come at least as a tourist of you have not been just yet. If you are looking to move, we’re going to talk you through some of the reasons why you should and why we think you’re going to love it. Keep on reading to find out more. 

The Food & The People 

If ever there were a good reason to move somewhere, it would be for good food and good people. And let us tell you that New York has it all. The people are truly one of a kind. New York people know what they want, and they know how to get it. Most of the people in New York are always shouting, or always on the to, or always have a point to make. They’re overpowering, but in a good way. You have to have thick skin and a good sense of humor to be in New York. The more you realize that when people are in a rush they might not be the best of people, the more you’ll settle in to the culture of rush surrounding you. But you also won’t meet nicer people, especially those who are serving you delicious food. From pastrami sandwiches that are to die for, to cheesecakes so big and so creamy they melt in your mouth, New York arguably has some of the best food in the US. Einsberg’s sandwich shop is one of New York’s favorites for incredible sandwiches of all varieties. Of course you’re going to have to try a New York bagel, so you’re best off going to Best Bagel & Coffee. There’s so much more to try! 

The Real Estate

Let’s get one thing straight, the real estate in New York is going to be expensive. Just going there for a holiday is expensive, and the rent and the cost of living is just as expensive as you might think. But you’re paying for the location, and you can get so much out of the location that we’re going to talk about later on in the article. Agents such as Elika real estate can work with you to find your perfect location. To many, that’s living in an apartment block, because New York is full of them. And it sort of fits the bill if you’re looking to live that true New York lifestyle. Even families suit and apartment if you can find a ground floor one. 

The Lifestyle

The lifestyle is one that we have touched on already, and that’s rushed. It’s full of a buzz, especially if you wander down to Times square. There’s always something going on that you should go and see. From musicals to concerts, to anything in between. There are easy transport links out of the city if you want to go and do something close by. There’s always good food to eat and good drinks to be had. We need not mention the shopping that can be done as well. When you live in New York you’ll tend to find you don’t stay in much, but if you do you’re usually surrounded by the crazy bright lights and beautiful views of New York city. 

The Opportunity The opportunities you’ll have as a resident in New York will be great. It’s a metropolis for anything from big business work, to bar work that will see you meeting all walks of life. There’s always an opportunity to work your way up from the bottom in New York if you have the right mindset to do so.


Rebecca Berman is an on-camera lifestyle reporter, video producer and blogger based in the NYC metropolitan area. Her improvisational skills shine through via her many talents. After graduating from American University with a BA in Communications, Rebecca worked as a production assistant with numerous celebrities and movie producers on such projects as Cocktail, Arthur on the Rocks and Masquerade, to name just a few. Berman spent most of this period working at broadcast giants MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon, where she produced elaborate events such as the VMAs, movie awards parties, VH1 Awards post-parties. She also worked behind the scenes planning launch parties for both MTV Asia and the first EMA show held in Berlin, Germany. After seven years in the entertainment business, Rebecca decided to take a pause and raise her family. She began a second career as a Real Estate agent, enabling her to stay at home and nurture her three children while working. Her temporary hiatus did not last long. As her kids grew older, she realized she wanted to follow her true passion; promoting things in life she loves. Utilizing her creative personality and production skills, Rebecca landed a job as a lifestyle reporter on the local weekly news show “The Local Live.” Her reporting covers a wide range of diverse topics, from local restaurants and bars to waste management and Veterans Affairs (in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Westchester). Rebecca is happily married, living with her husband and three children in Westchester, NY. Her ambition has driven her to construct some incredible projects that will surely continue to motivate and entertain many people of all ages.

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